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Building shoulder muscles

Discussion in 'Sports & Activities' started by ninermiko, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. ninermiko

    ninermiko Pup

    I need to put more muscle in my boys shoulder area. I already drag weight with a pull sled, and run 6 miles/day. Any suggestions?
  2. LA_Headhunters

    LA_Headhunters Big Dog

    How old is he? Have you tried to let him drag a weight say a 45lb'er in the dirt? You could also try swimming him.
  3. AJUST67

    AJUST67 Pup

    Have You Ever Watched Any Track And Field. If So, You Should Notice The Difference Between A Sprinters Body And A Distance Runners Body. The Sprinter Has A More Powerful Looking Physique. The Analogy Is To Build Muslce You Need To Work On Power Exercises. Some Ssay Humans And Animals Are Different, But Muslce Is Muscle And It Will Adapt To The Stresses You Place On It. I Would Suggest You Cut Some Of The Distance Work, Distance Work Build Muslce Endurance. I Would Also Use More Short Powerful Burst Of 100, 200, 400 And 800 Meters Or Yards. As La Said In The Above Post Use A Harness To Equally Distribute The Wieght Of A 45lbs Plate And Have Him Do Sprints In A Sandy Or Dirt Area. Do Not Do Sprint Work On A Road Or Concrete It Will Tear Up The Pads Quickly. I Use A Football Field For 1 Hundred Yard Sprints, I Also Use A Dirt Road Measured Of For The 400/ 1/4 Mile And 800/ 1/2 Mile Sprints. One Last Thing If You Are Not Near A Beach To Use Sand, U Could Try Using A Long Jump Pit, It Is Generally About 35 Yards Long. These Little Short Burst Are Excellent Muslce Builders. I Am New To Working With Apbt, But Have Trained Rottweilers And Sheperds And Used These Techniques To Increase A Dogs Endurance And Power. As Always, Many People Use Many Different Ways To Train, This Is Just One Way I Use. I Adjust For The Individual Dog Some Won't Do The Sprint Work. But, Working With The Dogs Helps Me Stay In Shape For The Military.

    Ps Start Slowly And Build Gradually

  4. mailman

    mailman Pup

    A carpet mill will help build the front end. Go slow,plenty of walking for warm up and cool down. You can hurt more than you help the dog if you arn't careful.
  5. i would try swimming here or i make my dog do alot of tree climbing it is really getting him looking nice

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  6. gator

    gator Big Dog

    A carpet mill is a good tool for building muscle but as mailman said monitor your dog closely because he can get into the wall fast.
  7. ninermiko

    ninermiko Pup

    My boy is 4 years old, and is finally coming into his own! His normal weight is about 56#, and conditioneed 47-48#. I had him at this weight a year ago, and he looked skinny in the front end, but was told he had the best back end in the ring by the judge. He took blue again at a show two weeks ago in a large class. I've been sprinting him out of my car 2 mi. a day at 3 min. miles, I run him myself on a lead 4 mi./day at 7.5 min. miles. I also drag weight him with a sled w/ about 50# uphill in hundred yard bursts. I also have a track where he pulls 10-15x/day at about 800#. I finally started to give him a supplement w/ creatine, and it seems to be working great! He comes from very game stock, but I was told he would mature late! I appreciate all the suggestions from you guys , and will continue to use your helpful advice! I'm sure you've thus gathered by now I'm a woman! I live on a 141 acre farm, and my pits have many times literally saved my life! There is no other breed for me, but they're not for everyone....especially every woman! I find it totally amazing that an animal with such power will work by my side and take commands, but when inside the ring or sensing danger becomes a total protector! Personally I don't work my boy out if I can't work right with him. It's worked great for me, as I am a dancer by trade, and a distance runner as well!

    Thanks for all you guys do for the love of our breed, and keep the info coming!
  8. J M A N

    J M A N Big Dog

    I personally like the mill and swimming......you must be careful when doing both. There are various articles here in Conditioning that will probably be real helpful to you.

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