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Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by xxwhitebulldogxx, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. BoogiemanBlood

    BoogiemanBlood Premium Member Premium Member

  2. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    lmfao and smdh ..i starting to smell some BS.
  3. TennesseeGame

    TennesseeGame Big Dog

    Kemo is a BOSS! I'm actually looking at a pup from TG off Kemo now. It's Kemo and Black snake. Also a pup off El Negro and Miss Skull.
  4. No B.S....Now i know why people don't like to post on these forums...Not everyone that comes on here knows "everthing" about every dog/line like most of you. Also I don't recall the parents offhand, i'll have to find the ped and i'll be sure to let you know. I got the dog off of Ed at a show in Vegas, that was around 15 years ago. I guess if i want to contact Ed i can get to him through Carolina Heat.
  5. ragedog10

    ragedog10 Top Dog

    I was just curious thats all. But like i stated earlier there are much better sources of Chinaman blood than TG, now i respect as a person and he is a very helpful man when i have spoken with him. Are you just looking for pet?? You have to realize that each line of dogs throws different traits into the pups. Are you and show the dog weight pull ,hog ,hunt ect... Are you in a place where you can handle a prey driven dog, keep it confined and out of trouble. Do you know whan line of dog you would prefer? Yis Ole Man
  6. old goat

    old goat CH Dog

    lol i was wondering when someone would say something .
  7. TennesseeGame

    TennesseeGame Big Dog

    I do respectfully differ on the "Best" place to get Chinaman blood. TG is the source of Chinaman blood and has forgotten more than most of us including myself know. He has been in the game for 30yrs and still putting out world class bulldogs. I can personally guarantee you will get a healthy pup, confirmation correct physically and mentally. The rest is statistically proven. GR CH's CH's ROM's and POR's are numerous and probably more than any other breeder or line. Yes he puts out a lot of dogs but he doesn't just put two dogs together just because. There is a method to the madness and he puts them out in that number due to the high demand. If he was putting out slop then he would be peddling a couple bulldogs a year and begging to sell the rest and we know that is not the case. The proof is in the puddin fellas. Yes I own TG dogs, that is for a reason. And yes I've had Dogs from Art, to Eli, to Red Devil to Nigerino and Redboy. And I've personally found that The ones I own are where it's at. Atleast for me anyway. Not saying other lines aren't as good or better by any means. It's a matter of preference. But opinions are like assholes and that is my opinion. I will say that BDB has some very nice Chinaman dogs and crosses. But keep in mind where they got it to begin with. And that goes for anyone who has TG stuff. It all started there. The ones who have it wouldn't have bought it from him if it was shit including myself. The line has stood the test of time and that's fact. If you want a Lamborghini...you don't go to the chop shop to buy it. You go to the source.
  8. TDK

    TDK CH Dog Staff Member

    Speaking of my own policy, and not you personally, well, not totally you personally...........I wouldn't sell you a dog at fuckin' gunpoint. But I AM curious as to why you've limited yourself to those few breeders.
  9. 87buick

    87buick Top Dog

    Because they are popular on the internet and sell to anybody with money no questionsed asked.
  10. I'm not limiting myself to any breeders, i just want a solid dog. I don't want to buy a dog that is not mentally/physically stable. IF you know a kennel that sells solid dogs to the public, i'd be more than willing to look into them. It just seems like a lot of the forums i've been on, that those kennels seem pretty reputable and sell to the public.
  11. ursaminor

    ursaminor Premium Member Premium Member

    As much as I don't care for TG but since you are considering I would talk to him and tell him what you are looking for. He should then be able to recommend a breeding to you based on your need/want. You are either looking for a solid bulldog or mentally stable pet two different things in my opinion.
  12. old goat

    old goat CH Dog

    tdk i can bet i know the other one and maybe 2 .
  13. TennesseeGame

    TennesseeGame Big Dog

    To me a solid bulldog is mentally stable. The unstable trait your referring to would be human aggression. And that is not a sound bulldog in my opinion. Human aggression does not equal game nor prey drive. Those are all different qualities .Human aggression should not be in a breeding program of this breed period. It's not what these dogs were bred for or built on. The deepest game dog should be trustworthy at all times around any human and hopefully your breeding for intelligent enough dogs to know the difference between competition and the hand that feeds. I have no use for a unstable dog of any kind. Especially bulldogs in my program. It's your responsibility as a breeder to make sure that is not a trait passed around in your gene pool. That is one of many problems we are facing today as owners of the breed. Hence BSL...
  14. ragedog10

    ragedog10 Top Dog

    You have valid points i m not trying to bash TG at all, but i truthfully believe there are sources that are better i know of a man who has bred that same since the 80's and has produced imo better dogs at a higher % with less breedings. Yes TG has bred his fair share of world class hounds and there is a huge demand because his dogs are heavily marketed but does that make him the best breeder of the line? I dont think some one should limit them selves to one person when there might be better options. I have see dogs directly off of Frisco, Rebel, Hickory,ect.. owned afew. I think one should be open in their search if seriously looking for a bulldog thats all. Yes BDB got some of their dogs from TG but the breedings they do to get good dogs is to thier credit because TG could of went a different way. Ch.Macguyver is a Frisco bred and i believe would of made ROM if not lost young and the strain he comes i believe is better than heavy peddeled Frisco blood but thats just me. All im saying is not to limit ones self to one thing when there are other options. Yis Ole Man
  15. TennesseeGame

    TennesseeGame Big Dog

    Oh I'm not saying limit yourself...I agree with that. I wouldn't even limit myself to just one bloodline if I was looking for my first bulldog. I would find the best representative of the breed and go with that no matter the bloodline as long as it was from a good breeder and good stock. That's what I did when I started all over...and mine just happened to be a Stud I got from TG so I chose that path.
  16. PurePit19

    PurePit19 CH Dog

    I second that.
  17. ragedog10

    ragedog10 Top Dog

    Nothing wrong with that all. TG is a good breeder but some times there are other places than the source to go and im not talking just about TG. Im happy it worked out for you , to be honest i was never a huge Frisco fan and part of that was because of what i saw and owned like i said seen some right off his top studs. Knew a guy you had a whole yard off it in the 90's and his % were very low. But then thru research and seeing different strains of the same blood but bred by someone other than the source i saw what the line really has to offer. Like i said im glad its working for you best of luck, and what up TOP hows the family and the hounds doing. Yis Ole Man


    If your looking for a pet,why would it matter if it had ped's/or/not../????...there's plenty out there will hang papers on any old pet-bull for ya.....but there is a few good kennels,so go visit......
  19. TennesseeGame

    TennesseeGame Big Dog

    I think he appreciates the history of these "game dogs".
  20. Laced Wit Game

    Laced Wit Game Yard Boy

    well if thats the case get a colby dog........ dont get much more historical than that........

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