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bred for protection

Discussion in 'Sports & Activities' started by sportdog, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. sportdog

    sportdog Pup

    I am looking for a pit bull to use for protection work. I have trained 9 dogs so far in protection work and would like to try my hand with a pit bull. Before I got involved in training I had a pitbull and I really enjoyed her. I have been looking around online trying to do some research on kennels that might produce dogs able to work in this venue but havent found much. Maybe you guys can point me to a kennel somewhat close to me( Im in delaware). I would really like to find someone who would like to see how there dogs would do in this type of work that might retain breeding rights. It is very hard to find good dogs even when they are bred for this work so Im not looking to spend too much.
  2. KingFisher.

    KingFisher. Big Dog

    This is not a breed for protection and with all the bad press this breed gets its all going to stir things up more and a breed that is known as a fighter is now been used to stop humans umm...surely you found something in one of those 9 different breeds that could keep you happy........
  3. hnelson

    hnelson Big Dog

    Please go find another breed to train. Responsible owners are having a hard enough time as it i!!! These dog are far to great to be used in something of that nature. Stick to German shepherds for that.
  4. Laced Wit Game

    Laced Wit Game Yard Boy

    Check out a fila
  5. Dogman#1

    Dogman#1 Big Dog

    There is a good reason why APBTs are not widely used for that type of work. There are breeds better suited for that, use them. You dont see hunters using greyhounds to retrieve ducks out of the water, right... Filas are my current breed of choice because they are perfect for estate type guards and that is what I need.
  6. EliJr

    EliJr Pup

    Protection work doesnt neccesary has anything to do with aggressiveness, but more than anything obedience, there for you could stick around with a pit and make it a successfull protection dog. But only if you actually know anything more than just basics about protection and obedience training. If you're just some fella doing som bush training then don't choose a pit.
  7. EliJr

    EliJr Pup

    This is one good example - [video=youtube;148uIS5yxkU]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=148uIS5yxkU"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=148uIS5yxkU[/video]
  8. E-Dog

    E-Dog Pup

    APBT is a very capable working and protection dog, lay down obedience first and have some competent training partners that know what's up

  9. E-Dog

    E-Dog Pup

    P.S I'm not the E-Dog from the video, I was there but a different E-Dog=)
  10. E-Dog

    E-Dog Pup

  11. jhy

    jhy Pup

    Thomas Mayfield out of Houston, Texas is doing some amazing things with his Pits and Protection and Winning against all breeds. Really doing some positive things with his Pits and making them really shine. He put on a demonstration for Floyd Boudreaux and Floyd was amazed, then children lined up and got their pictures taken with the dogs. Good stable dogs!

  12. JKnight

    JKnight Pup

    Eli Jr. Serious? That's a "good example"? Of what, exactly? That looks like 4H kids messing around. People like this get the breed in trouble. Thankfully, the dog being used is not a pit bull. Sadly, if it bites someone the press WILL mistakenly call it one.

    These low level "backyard" crap trainers really make it tough for our breed.
  13. Staub

    Staub Big Dog

    I don't believe in pits for protection(however I won't correct mine for not letting people in the house I just don't encourage it), get a dog bred for that kind of work. I would suggest a Presa. And if you don't want to pay much how do expect to get a good dog? Sure you take a chance but if you're dedicated to the training you should be able to get what you want.

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