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Boyles blood

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by GS Bulldogs, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    Whats that old saying? Hot water cools quick.
    How a pup acts as a pup is no guage to how it will turn out as an adult.
    R&R's advise is spot in as usual. Keep the whole litter and go thru them when they grow up.
  2. Rock n Rye

    Rock n Rye Premium Member Premium Member

    Most of them go back to the same dogs anyway. I would imagine its been done but honestly majority of the Ablizin dogs are peddled junk. The few guys who have it do good with it but they not crossing with BST
  3. Rock n Rye

    Rock n Rye Premium Member Premium Member

    Spot on AGK, ive seen the "cur" pups turn out to be the best. seen the pups that demolish the litter not be squat.. By the way how them pups doing up there off that monster dog you got up there. That Red male with black mask. He looks like Hell & Brimstone very intense and BBD does his thing with them dogs..
  4. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    Geachison is doing fantastic. Love having him here, he is very entertaining lol and a very easy keeper. I just finished breeding him to his half sissy Lil Miss Geach and her mother last week His first litter is on the ground now, they are about 3 weeks old. Bred him to a buddy on mines Hickson x el negro bitch. Got some other things coming up for him in the coming months as well, just waiting on bitches to come into heat.
  5. You right if you have room and noise and $$ is no be deal of course just keep them all , but some times space is important and each dog you will need attention as they grow these high strung dogs are very smart, strong, and super athletic if the breeding clicks those monsters can stay turned up and can be a lot of work! So that why I say pick the hottest ones and I clam one or 2 if u wnt haha. And the others in the hands you want them in there your dogs your choice. It also good for another person to be able to work with some of the extra pups there opinion about the breeding and experience some may be better handles than you. Yeah a clam one cld turn out better as the grow but I too think some peps have the eye for it and if you look at there actions you can make the calls and be correct or shoot a good % only one you need to make happy is yourself if you did the breeding and 2nd it be even better if others feel the same about there dogs from u as well ! One can always feel like his dogs are better so the dog you rehoused there opinion now hold value. In time you will get your answers !
  6. brickduke

    brickduke Pup

    That's a good point about the ablizin stuff being peddled. With there being so many variations of Boyles dogs coming from hank/Mary/Bobby Jr/oiler would loose line breeding different families of these dogs provide the best percentages/match quality or do you think it would eventually be too tight? Although nowadays most of those famous family starting dogs are in the 4-6 generation. Just curious as to what others think
  7. therealjudge

    therealjudge CH Dog

    there's a group in TX that cross the STP dogs to the Kunta dogs with great success
  8. Naustroms

    Naustroms CH Dog

    Most of them BST dogs being peddled just as bad. Save for a few camps keeping it right I wouldn't take one of those tight bred BST dogs.
  9. brickduke The oiler dogs are where its at. I like my boyles stuff full of eli blood like they were crossed into. A lot of it crossed to offspring of cowboy and boomerang. Even in 456 generation they came off some of the best producers. Imo that's the side of his yard to inbreed on. I wouldn't feed a inbred Andy cap dog for nothing.
  10. BOTP Kennels

    BOTP Kennels Big Dog

  11. nfahred

    nfahred Big Dog

  12. BOTP Kennels

    BOTP Kennels Big Dog

  13. BOTP Kennels

    BOTP Kennels Big Dog

    any info on how mr. zar produced. don't know much about him?
  14. best2best

    best2best Big Dog

  15. Dunlap 1

    Dunlap 1 Big Dog


    Real Pits, you shouldn't breed what you can't keep or farm out.
  16. No you shld not if that's your style I can do what I like ( when u own the dogs you make the calls) and rehomed means farmed out if that's what you want to call it. But thanks for the advice because I cld be giving away one of my best pups but if u make the correct calls you will get the love back. You can not control everything no matter how hard you try!!!
  17. Dunlap 1

    Dunlap 1 Big Dog

    Your right, they are your dogs and you can do what ya want with them.
    I was told by someone, "keep the whole litter and give them all a fair chance." I've never sold a dog and neither has the gentlemen who told me this. I have the area but not funds to keep all the dogs I've bred so "when" I breed a dog, I keep only 1 or 2 and send the rest to people I can trust. I've got several dogs anwhere from 5 min to 24 hours from where I live. They are all with good people who I can trust.
  18. BOTP Kennels

    BOTP Kennels Big Dog

    lol I'm confused?? I was just showing the boyles pup I have???
  19. hi-tek kennels

    hi-tek kennels Premium Member Premium Member

    Best bet is to keep all the pups and Cull Hard! If you dont have time space or $$$ then why breed anyway?
  20. hi-tek kennels

    hi-tek kennels Premium Member Premium Member

    Good lookn hound!

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