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Bob Stevens' new book.

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by GK1, Oct 12, 2020.

  1. GK1

    GK1 Big Dog

    Pit Pro vol 1
    Anyone else have the book/DVD, care to review? $90 for both shipped. Book is soft cover disappointingly. And his signature is a mere stamp. Editing is inconsistent. But it’s clear he put a lot of years, effort into his research and journalism.

    Haven’t got to the DVD yet (gotta find my plug in player), but I'm a 100 pp into the book..seems he will continuously claim to “not promote dog fighting”... He does promote Schutzhund/IPO/Ring sport as a productive outlet, which is credible - those sports are challenging to even the working shepherds bred generations for it - but he’s dead against real protection work for the game bred dog..strangely. Granted, the breed was not designed for man fighting/apprehension, but why not for the small % of game-bred dogs that have it in the DNA for controlled, on command man work? It's legal. Why limit an otherwise capable dog in the hands of the right trainer/handler?

    I do appreciate his faith in God, US Constitution, canine companionship and the spirit of the martial disciplines.
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  2. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    Thanks for the heads up on the book.GK1
  3. Man you really dont want a aggresive bulldog to wards people.
    im deadly serious on this GK.
    if they like human meat they are a fckn liability.
    you dont want them doing what they do to another dog on your face.
    you say the right trainer or handler?
    man there aint no such thing.
    you dont teach a dog jackshit.the dog learns its self, all you are is its guid or handler.all you do is expose the dog to the things you want it to learn.

    bulldogs have the naturel sence to protect you.they dont need training what activly encoureges them to attack people.thats just a plain crazy thing to do.
    ask anyone whos delt with man eaters.Oldguy were are ya?
    Oldguy will tell you about man eaters.real man eaters.
    he will also tell you they are as dangaerous as a child with a loaded gun.

    I agree with Mr Steaphens on this one im afraid.


    All the best folks.
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  4. GK1

    GK1 Big Dog

    The reason game bred pit bull dogs are hardly used in protection/security work is because they range from inconsistent to untrainable. …largely because they are not bred for it.

    There is a reason why the world’s police, military and gold plated task forces rely on working shepherds…and it’s not because bull dogs are “too tough” for the work, or lol bite too hard, or for some other political correctness/PR reason. Sheer ruthless efficiency when lives and national reputations are on the line is why.

    Yet Stevens beats the drum the bull dog is smart enough, human oriented enough, and trainable enough to not only to fight professionally, but scent tracking, do competitive obedience, agility, sport, and even catch feral hogs. Well he should also tout the capacity to deployed against a home intruder, car jacker etc too.. I mean c'mon man...protecting the cave is the most primitive, and base form of human/canine companionship.

    Stevens' foremost comfort zone is being a journalist for high level matching, the work which goes into professional matching, and the people behind it all.
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  5. agree with you on that on thst one GK.
    infact i agree on every thing you just said.
    i cant go over it all but ill pick up on the tracking part and the cave part.

    The nose on some bulldogs is out standing.some not all.
    why this is so im really not sure? because fighting in the pits dont really call for using there nose.getting it chewd up more like.
    however i have noticed some dogs that can track better then a hound bred to track..why?how?i just dont no?maybe it goes back to there hunting heritige?
    border collies noses to are allso out standing,and for the life of me i cant think why?
    but back to bulldogs.they are silent trackers.and very intesne.they pick up something with there nose and they will hunt it,catch it,and if possible-kill it.
    these instincs are beyound awesome.
    but lol.lmao.as good as there noses are if they get destracked or loose the trail then they will likely find something eles to hunt.and thats a problem.LOL.
    they are hard to break to one trail..
    it can be done.it has been done..but hats of to the handler.because the dog will go threw hudreds of other critters before it finally learns what you want it to hunt.so a hunter using one need a lot of patience.

    The cave thing.
    arrrr look man i tottaly get it.if some one got in yer house then yes yer dog should act accordingly.fckn right it should.
    but if my house was permantly threatend and i needed a specilist breed then a bulldog would be the last breed ide use.
    if i had a bulldog in the house yes ide want it to protect if something did happen.but the dog would not be in the house to acttuly protect me..if i felt threatend ide keep other breeds for a few reasons.
    one;bulldogs always on gard go insane at man or beast.
    two;most bulldogs would lick a intruder rather then fight one.most.not all.
    three;most bulldogs aint that big and intuders are normaly more scared of a big dog regardless of breed type.normaly not always.and no dog can stop a bullet.

    Ive seen a whicked bulldog once.and man it would of put any gard type breed to shame.
    he could even be called of a human.never be called of a dog.
    but he was just to much man.seriously crazy in the head.
    dangerous mate is the word.
    any one aproching when you were walking him mate and he had his eyes on em.
    awesome you may be thinking.
    but no mate not at all.
    if some one wanted me all they had to do was bring a mutt.
    lol.this dog would probs kill a human for me.on comand.
    but if there was a dog there it would not matter if i was getting killed.he would stay on his dog.

    All the best GK
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  6. GK1

    GK1 Big Dog

    Soze t.k. good stuff man. I like how you tie in working breed characteristics and history to these discussions.
  7. Sometimes history can explain a lot as to how and why a certain breed of dog acts.
    in most cases history has already done the work and the experimenting for us.

    All we do is fck it all up LOL.
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  8. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    Soze I am confused are we talkin about American Bulldogs or pitbulls for protection work.
  9. Pit Bulls mate.
    sorry for the confusion,i call pit bulls bulldogs or fighting dogs for some reason.
    suppose they aint bulldogs no more because they dont fight with bulls.
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  10. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    I got it now Brother.

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