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Big middle finger and a thumbs up

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Jacob, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. Jacob

    Jacob Top Dog

    You know guy's. I do alot of thinking since I live in bsl land and dont worry its coming to a theatre near you too. PROBABLY not Texas. Maybe cause of the Devil. We are a controversial community some say.this about us and that. and Im not one to pas judgement but its hard when I know lots of the reasons we are in this situation is cause of our own mistakes. I said mistakes because you mske them once maxium twice. So people that the middle finger goes up to an I mean all the way up to your chest is the pellers, guilty of placing too many dogs in wrong hands, irresponsible dog owners who got fido and took him to the dog park. Neglect poor nutrition and others fall in this category. Now THUMBS Up too the respectful guys and girl oh sorry is there more than one. They put great breedings together, they are concerned with placement, they love their ass whoopin dogs 24 7. Im not one to judge and have made a mistake or 2. Please feel free to add to the middle finger or thumbs up LIST.
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  2. Jdll13

    Jdll13 Big Dog

    I haven't posted in a while but I want to post on this thread. I believe placing these dogs in the wrong hands is the worst thing to ever happen to the breed. It is nothing but an accident waiting to happen when you place or sell these dogs with people who should not have them. People that don't understand the breed, won't accept it's temperament, think they can change the dog's natural instinct because they think they raised it right and don't know how to contain a dog. About a month ago a pitbull got loose in my neighborhood and attacked a husky being walked by its owner. The husky owner got bit trying to break up the fight and some neighbor came out of his house and beat the pitbull over the head, which finally caused the pitiful to stop fighting. Animal control came and took the dog away and everyone in the neighborhood was talking about how vicious pitbulls are. The reason I found out about this is because I got woken up because my neighbor thought my dog had attacked the husky because my dog was brindle colored just like the pitbull, which got loose (My dog is about 20 lbs smaller). Here in California every idiot has a pitbull which in reality are 90% bullies or some type of pitbull/mutt cross and everytime one of these dogs gets in a fight or bites somebody pitbulls get a bad rap. If breeders placed or sold dogs to people who would take care of these dogs correctly the number of incidents/accidents would never be what it is now and we wouldn't be in this shitty situation with BSL, which is getting worse everyday. Well anyways that's my two cents.
  3. GK1

    GK1 Big Dog

    Since peddlers will never be scrupulous enough to place “these dogs” in the “right hands”, and nitwits who own them can’t keep them secured nor accept their murderous nature, then anything looking like a pit bull should be banned everywhere and eventually made extinct.

    The quickest way to BSL is to NOT responsibly train the otherwise versatile pit bull and NOT engage them with socially acceptable [read LEGAL] activities and sports.
  4. Jacob

    Jacob Top Dog

    Lovely lovely. Very nice maybe if we curse enough of these POS they will trip and fall and a spike will go through their eye. I hate em all the gangsters, the peddlers list is long. Leave the breed to the people who truly care for them.
  5. Splash

    Splash Pup

    Groundhog-peeking-out-hole-animation.gif come on out...nah, no thanks, goin' back in
  6. Jacob

    Jacob Top Dog

    Ha thats cool Splash. Smart squirrel to me anyway. I know I should come out and play just tired of dodging traffic. Loved the days when the forest was for miles no sewer rats and all forest creatures were super cool even shared their nuts with you and discussed how to get and grow more at the local the local pond. But if your a young squirrel and all you got is the playground you have just be aware. Chase on Splash
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