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Best Training

Discussion in 'Sports & Activities' started by gustavo_pericles, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. I wonder what the best training for my dog ​​gain muscle on your thighs, I'm feeding it with a super premium and would like to know how many times a day and what time should I feed ..
  2. tamthebam

    tamthebam Big Dog

    Feed the dog once a day within an hour after his workout.
  3. elifan

    elifan Big Dog

    I have a bitch that lacks in the rear,what i did to build her up is i did alot of weight pulling and hung a spring pole high enough so just her back legs were on the ground making her use the back legs to keep her up.if your dog is an adult feed once a day about 15 min after workout
  4. bukskin.banks

    bukskin.banks Big Dog

    spring pole, and i have like 30 stairs so he runs stairs. He'll get stacked haha, spring pole seems to bring in the lats too. Also hold a toy let him jump for it for a long time. And well ya, feed once a day after workout. Pulling would be awesome if you could get him to do it.
  5. scottyh

    scottyh Big Dog

    up hill running i throw a ball up hill for about half hour tires her out good m trying to make my dog lose some weight at the moment to so doing up hill runing and normal and cycling for around 45mins every other day letting her have rest when she needs it it depends how you want your dog short burst runing will work diffrent muscle groups compared to long distance runing
  6. SureGrip

    SureGrip Pup

    I would say any kind of hill work will bring out the best of the rear legs and doesn't require a bunch of equipment to do so. If you have a freight harness, get her to pull light weights uphill for a certain amount of repetitions, each time she makes it to the top throw her ball all the way back down and try to keep a steady pace like that until the number of reps is done. Walk or Free Walk after with lots of games of ball as a reward, I use tires for this exercise, they slide good on the grass and are easy to roll down the hill after.

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