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best of todays staffs

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by doubletap, Oct 30, 2011.

  1. jonnim

    jonnim Big Dog

  2. Herodog1

    Herodog1 Top Dog

    Fit looking bitch...
  3. Blackpoison

    Blackpoison CH Dog

  4. kjaquez1

    kjaquez1 Pup

    Nice dogs on that link. Next dog I get will be an old school pure leggy staff male

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  5. Blackpoison

    Blackpoison CH Dog

    I think if you plan to work them they wont sell it to you.. tell them you will only keep them as pets lol... atleast riskys stafford said no to selling one to me becasue i want to hunt with them with my terriers. lol bloody pet breeders
  6. Blackpoison

    Blackpoison CH Dog

    " Hi thanks for your interest sorry but we would not sell a dog to you. Regards Tarren & Gary "

  7. kjaquez1

    kjaquez1 Pup

    That's crazyness
  8. kjaquez1

    kjaquez1 Pup

    Someone should show him a history book you should'be said that you wanted to fly all or agility or some shit. The pussification o this planet is almost too much for me.
  9. kjaquez1

    kjaquez1 Pup

    Even a shithead little yorkie was created to hunt
  10. Yas

    Yas Big Dog

    Maybe they just didn't want to sell you a dog.
  11. redbill

    redbill Big Dog

    crazy isn't it?
    staffords need people who are prepared to work with them and give them a chance.
    if i had a litter i would have giffted you one to try out.
  12. Axum

    Axum Pup

    I love staffords and have studied there lines and would love to own one one day! I'm lucky enough that my best friend has a bitch out of Riskys MJ and I can tell first hand she works and bloody well a cracking wee 28lb bitch

    On this subject I know for a fact they are very illusive! There is a waiting list for there dogs and they are in the lucky position to choose who they want there dogs to be homed with, They do not go to someone that they are not 100% about or know what there about and indeed there intensions! I really do think your way off the mark about it being Hunting! in fact its laughable!

    The fact you need to bump a 2 year old post up to have a dig and throw your toys out the pram lol! and even quote their email Because they don't want you to have one of there dogs that they have put blood sweat and tears in to for past 17 years! Thats there decision and theres alone

    It's people like you that stop Tarren and Gary coming on these forums which is a real shame as I for one and the forum would love there input and opinions whether we' you' us' like them or not!!

    Have a lovely day and i'm going back to reading now lol!!!!!!!!

    Axum x
  13. shakka

    shakka Pup

    totally agree axum my boy Osiris is half brother to mj (same sire)
  14. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    Look there's other people that have working staff on this board look around.
  15. Blackpoison

    Blackpoison CH Dog

    hold on, so you saying they flat out said they would not sell a dog to me because they dont know me.. but they have a website.. matwe people who breed only to those who know and for themselves dont make websites to sell their dogs .. and if its because they have long list they would have said sorry we have a long list of people.. and for sure theydont know all those in long list personally. and 17 years is fck all.. thats recent.

    no need to hide my thl user name.. be a man and use your own name in here..

    @ shakka, ofcourse you totally agree, lol.. hes your mate. you have to lol
  16. Axum

    Axum Pup

    I wasn't going to reply as I really didn't want to feed a troll

    But hey what the hell, They say you learn something everyday and your about too :)

    What I said if you.... A) Read what I said above B) unload that rather embarrassing large chip on your shoulder!!!!!!

    I will educate you, I really don't know why they choose not to sell/place a dog with you at all, I said it was pretty dam obvious it had nothing to do with Hunting, As I have to reiterate to you again! As I said above I know of not just one of there dogs but a few that indeed hunt and hunt bloody well! and breath lol!

    Now lets go over all the over points that you have so clearly wrong and mis understood again are 12 years old? or maybe a bit special ?

    Website i'm sure is for there for reference for so many people that have and promote and work and breed there dogs and so the world can see that there is a choice with K.C SBT not just there own dogs but its a great reference for any stafford fan to see pics of there ancestors

    The next quote is amazing and had me on the floor in fits of laughter all jokes aside I swear I nearly pissed myself are you ready ................................................

    17 years is fuck all well in your special words fck all LMAO!!

    Well come on Special boy lets see your 17 years of breeding, I mean it must be so good that you had to ask Tarren and Gary for one of there dogs :D are you for real lol!!!!!!LMAO!!

    I would not let you look after my dead gold fish let alone trust you with a dog. I would go as far as saying its really pretty dam clear they made the right decision not to let you have a dog maybe thats why they are so highly regarded because they know a loser when the see one.

    Well done Tarren and Gary for blowing you out the water

    Now go and pick your toys up and put them back in your pram little boy!


    ....don't KNOW either side ..in this ....but would agree with both to a degree....as for t+g...not comeing to talk on whatever forum...cause someone don't like their idea's.....off hunting or not hunting ...say's a-lot...yes/no/????in other word's it sound's like they will only go on a site if people agree with everything they say is gospel...well.....then...may-be it's for the best..????...don't get me wrong i don't know either side..and there probally great at what they do....but...mmmmmmmmmmmmm


    ...ps::did ya take the dead goldfish out off the bowl ,,cause it will stink.......lol....
  19. Axum

    Axum Pup

    Yes it says alot................... Like they don't care or need people to blow sunshine up there arse ...but .. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i'm liking the mmmmmm awesome that lol!!!

    Gold fish has been dealt with lol!
  20. Axum

    Axum Pup

    BLUEBELL can you point me in the right direction of these gospel sites? and I'm not in to singing!!!!

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