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best food in uk??? when conditioning

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by scottyh, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. scottyh

    scottyh Big Dog

    i need to make my dog lose some weight she was in very good condition before she had pups but ever since its bin hard to get her right:mad: i run her but dont realy c a diff maybe i dont exercise often enuough i through the ball around 3 times a week for an hour maybe more bring her running once a week for about 2to4 miles but dont c a change i maybe feeding her to much when ppl say 2 cups what is the measurement of a cup ??? and if any one has conditiond there dog what food do you use i use a cheap complete food from jollys own brand and a jooleys own brand dried meat its like 50% protein but i mix both about a pint and a half 1 time a day with water any1 know any better food to feeed not raw its to expensive thanks:D
  2. tamthebam

    tamthebam Big Dog

    Scotty, a cup is about eight ounces.
  3. scottyh

    scottyh Big Dog

    cheers mate
  4. raw is not dear try the dog food company i get mine from them and use arden grange kibble
  5. letsmakestuffup

    letsmakestuffup Big Dog

    If you use arden grange its cheaper if you use their breeders club, or you can get it off petexpress, if you buy 6 bags its about £25 each including P&P
  6. letsmakestuffup

    letsmakestuffup Big Dog

    Sorry I didnt see the 'when conditioning' part, so ignore my last post.
  7. Hi new to the forum.
    Perhaps she needs more time after having the pups. The bitch i got i gave her a year before i put any miles in, reason why i would not breed again.
  8. bauer

    bauer Top Dog

    Go by the guide on the bag of kibble, weight you dog and just feed a bit less than the guide says, i use james wellbeloved its a bit pricey but the best there is without buying of the web....
  9. scottyh

    scottyh Big Dog

    yea i got some of that now but she dont eat it i leave it in the bowl and by the nxt day shes starvin and eats the foods gon to sh!t lol
  10. Not the cheapest but I've always had excellent results with Eukanuba maintenance/performance.
  11. red eagle

    red eagle Big Dog

    ive used bento performance before with good results but u can buy it from only one place in uk they import it they reckon its better than puriana p
  12. Try oijen dog food dry biscuit, it's high protein, low carbs, no grain and has won quite a few awards. They sell it down near my local pet store but you can get it off the net.
    Bit expensive though but I mix it with raw food. Also try some pigs heads, butchers will normally sell them for £2 a head and the dog will enjoy and spend a lot of time going through it.
    As for exercise, if your dogs ball mad try throwing the ball up and down the stairs, I shed a lot of weight off my boy and built his legs and shoulders up doing that. Good luck.
  13. sSp3ct

    sSp3ct Pup

    i have found raw to be the cheapest.

    I get mine from ASDA or Iceland, ASDA is 1.40 per kg and Iceland is 3.00 per 2kg. Prety cheep from my point of view
  14. Hi There,
    I buy my raw frozen meats from Berrieswood Foods online, great prices and delivery, about £1 per KG for Chicken/Beef with Tripe, they also sell loads of other raw meats as well as all the good quality dried foods at good prices. I feed dry in the morning cos its easiest and raw (with puree veg and alittle brown rice) at teatime. I just walk my dogs for an hour a night and throw ball etc and they stay in good shape.
  15. i use red mills greyhound food along with raw
  16. j1985

    j1985 Big Dog

    I'v used redmills, it's good stuff but I'm sure it changed so I switched to complete Raw. Gain 28 is what the greyhound/whippet/lurcher folk seem to be using these days biscuit wise!! Might be worth a look.
  17. scottyh

    scottyh Big Dog

    ive got redmills racer now ill try that for a bit

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