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Best cross of all time right here:

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by IMAT2AK, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. by the way, I am into the rb/j/t/b combination.....I just hate the long-windedness of its name.
  2. IMAT2AK

    IMAT2AK Big Dog

    Where is that good ol' dutchboy these days?
  3. texas_dogger

    texas_dogger Big Dog

    IMO almost any jeep cross.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 24, 2008
  4. mmjnice97

    mmjnice97 Pup

    Jeep redboy is pretty much one blood line in my opinion.. so to me it's not a cross but one bloodline at this point in history... how many people can say they have purejeep blood dogs???? And maybe just a handful of pure redboy dogs around at this point.. so they jeep redboy cross to me is the modern day equivalent of colby blood of the 40s through 80s in that all dogs in those days crossed successfully into colby blood as in today modern dogs of just about any blood cross well into the ""Jeep redboy""" blood!! Elvis has left the building I have exercised the demons yes yes yes!!!
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  5. I would love to see a system that we could make a ratio out of number of total wins produced and number of total pups produced. Then we could really get down to the "nitty gritty". Some dogs don't live long because of occupational hazards, or just pure bad luck or even irresponsible or even honest mistakes or was owned by one very private individual.
  6. With regards to what I said above, a dog or line that is said to be a producer.... A- A stud dog/ brood bitch is bred once and produces 5 puppies who every one are 1xw. B- A stud dog/ brood bitch is bred once and produces one Grand CH and four culls. Which cross was better , A or B ? Both have 5 wins. I am just a poor dumb south GA boy, but I will personally choose A every single time. Think about this.. Midnight Cowboy produced more wins than pups. Jeep did not. Jeep was bred eleventeen dozen times and produced only 2 grand champions. Cowboy was bred fewer times and produced 3 grands. Was cowboy a better producer than Jeep? I dare not ponder that one. I feed dogs with both Jeep and cowboy in their pedigree. Some dogs with both! I hope to always . I think that the ROM list is filled with a fraternity of some helluva animals. Especially those who went that extra special 2steps and wear that GrCh. title! I just wish we could come up with a ratio or number coefficient formula to use as a measuring stick for a line or single dog . Just think, if one of us had a stud that was guaranteed to produce a whole letter of 1xw every single time he mounted a bitch, then he would be priceless. Just saying the producing power question can be a tricky discussion!
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  7. slim12

    slim12 CH Dog Staff Member

    Well said.

    Percentages of dogs produced and how many actually won. A per 10 puppies calculation as well as a total wins divided by the total number of puppies.

    That would then in turn force a lot of people to tell a lot more lies to drive the percentages (popularity) back up.

    Just saying.

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  8. Well, the Tudor/Colby crossing, Tudor/Lightner you know them Old School genes that Are the Foundation of what made those names so many are posting today. But then, what does most know about the Game Dogs that made those they recall others saying. Jeep eh redboy,eh Eli lol some good dogs came from such and some good dogs mentioned but let Us look at their Percentage what ate we judging the Clicking By? Consider what Clicks made what clicks that made what clicks? Who Clicks has more clicks clicking... Any fucking thing with Tudor Running that Blood. :) some of ya Older Ones know what I mean and a Few Of ya Newer do as well. Check your percentages and judge in that way. IMO.

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