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Best conditioned Staffords

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by Mickeyg, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. tommy1985

    tommy1985 Big Dog

    staffords have improved from what trampus? you sure your on the right thread mate?
  2. Here's some pics of my 12 month old staffy-boy Dexter. I haven't been working him hard yet because I don't wan't to push him too much yet. But we're definetly heading towards the right direction! So I'm pleased. Slow and steady! (:



  3. Herodog1

    Herodog1 Top Dog

    Hi mate, nice dog and love the colour, all the best with him.
  4. Thanks! I'm loving the colour also! :)
  5. gunman2376

    gunman2376 Big Dog

    he seems nice, you got other pics of dexter?
  6. trav

    trav Pup

  7. gunman2376

    gunman2376 Big Dog

    trav they look very nice
  8. Mickeyg

    Mickeyg Top Dog

    Very nice trav Skye is in brilliant shape do u still bike with them mate
  9. Sherman

    Sherman Big Dog

    Great looking dogs
  10. IMG_2606.JPG IMG_2608.JPG IMG_2612.JPG IMG_2645.JPG

    Here's some pictures of Dex. I have to take some new ones! Mabey today

    Attached Files:

  11. _MG_3575.JPG _MG_3596.JPG _MG_3613.JPG
    Here's some old ones. He's about 9 months old in these.
  12. northdogger

    northdogger Big Dog

    Very few dogs who actually fits in this thread..
  13. redbill

    redbill Big Dog

    your spot on there with what you said northdogger
  14. ultimatek9

    ultimatek9 Top Dog

    Thanks guys. I am happy with him!
  15. Herodog1

    Herodog1 Top Dog

  16. Herodog1

    Herodog1 Top Dog

  17. trav

    trav Pup

  18. Herodog1

    Herodog1 Top Dog

    great condition mate,
    my poor dog is becoming so unfit, new job plus hernia equals a fat dog. can't wait for the operation so i can get him back in shape.
  19. bigmick

    bigmick Pup

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