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Best conditioned Staffords

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by Mickeyg, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. Irish Pitbull

    Irish Pitbull Top Dog

    I think what he was looking for was the breeding of your dog, 12G. I.E. Her pedigree.

    Don't think he was on about past matings.. well that's what I toke from it anyway.
  2. hmots

    hmots Big Dog

    Not sure why I have to explain myself to you but...yes my bitch is equal to or better than anything I've ever seen.this male just happens to b identical in size and type to my bich and that's the type I prefer. If Riskys rep.is true he might qualify to breeb my bitch.I don't have to breed outside my lines for quality but a little outcross with quality stock never hurts ..soooo?is that enough for your curiosity?
  3. trampus

    trampus Banned

    you picked me up wrong i have no interest in buying anydog from you, just wondering is it a bitch with pedigree or just shit bred like most on here
  4. 12 gauge

    12 gauge CH Dog

    since when a true and good dogman can tell a good dog by looking at pedigrees? first she's a nice gyp, then you are interested to know if it is a shitty piece of paper. when shit hits the fan you think people compare pedigrees before they slip the dogs of war?

    ok i picked u up wrong but i dont tell my dogs pedigree just to anyone. take care
  5. trampus

    trampus Banned

    must be a mutt, i c u ask every one abouth their dogs why urs a secret ?
  6. Sherman

    Sherman Big Dog

    I don't know either of you guys but I will say that 12g was more than willing to talk to me about his dogs and was really cool about it. You started off being insulting and then expect some one to talk to you about his dogs? Probably not the best approach. People have different opinions but you might learn more if you use a little tact.
  7. tommy1985

    tommy1985 Big Dog

    best lookin staff bitch iv seen in a looong time, absolute cracker.
  8. tommy1985

    tommy1985 Big Dog

    torn ligaments in my knee and cant get out with my boy but some crackin dogs on this thread and i cant wait til knee is better and i can start gettin him into some kinda shape, just hittin a year and a half or so now so cant wait to start. keep the pics coming folks!!!
  9. zuidwest

    zuidwest Big Dog

  10. Mickeyg

    Mickeyg Top Dog

    she ain't fully there but I thought I would share a few [​IMG]



  11. Sherman

    Sherman Big Dog

    Nice looking girl
  12. That's a good lookin Stafford Mickey!
  13. tommy1985

    tommy1985 Big Dog

    nicely put together staffy mickeyg!
  14. tommy1985

    tommy1985 Big Dog

    wonder who won that game of tug of war lol
  15. tommy1985

    tommy1985 Big Dog

    Attachment 25418[​IMG] son of red bull that dog is a credit to you oxstaf, crackin dog in good nick
  16. Mickeyg

    Mickeyg Top Dog

    ^^^That's a wicked looking dog in fine shape ^^^

    Cheers for the comments lads she is a very active dog and a crazy nutt case.....
  17. wallyy

    wallyy Big Dog

    Some nice dogs and bitches.
  18. trampus

    trampus Banned

    weight pullen, a frame, time sprints, hanging from a rope yes the staffs have realy improved
  19. Mickeyg

    Mickeyg Top Dog

    Do u not think that's better then nothing ?? I would prefer to have a sporting dog then a show breed coutch hogging pug faced mess u see running about well at least there being kept fit and drivey
  20. gunman2376

    gunman2376 Big Dog

    what bugs me up is to some work is fight and nothing else...why you don't say it like it is?

    my dog pulls, he works, some of you will say its fun, no its no fun its work, fustrating work that asks for will, not gameness but will, in the past i got dogs on hogs and that was fun for them...average amstaffs on hogs, easy task and they stayed there..

    like mickeyg says, that is better than useless barel show dogs, we don't pretend to have gamedogs and we don't test their gamenes on the square so please separate things, if you want to talk about fighting say it like it is but respect people that do diferent than you like we respect you

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