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[B] Best Irish/Uk Staffs About Today?[/B]

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by Kruger, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. Commercial.... some nice irish bred in holland at this moment. You can find it on fora and selling sites or on websites. Further i am gonna joy sunbeam in his opinion....
  2. I think I've just been having bad experiences with some breeders and I haven't been looking too hard. Ultimately, I want two dogs, A Rottie, and a Staffie...but I just need to find the right breeder.
  3. nasher

    nasher Big Dog

    cross guns lol jesus this forum has gone downhill
  4. browny

    browny Pup

    to all those who are looking for good irish look at my pics we go to edd reids shows it all depends on what look on the type of irish dog you are loking for
  5. nasher

    nasher Big Dog

    Whats irish about your staff then??
  6. jonnim

    jonnim Big Dog

    funny thing is nasher when people buy a crossguns bred stafford they no they went there to buy a certain type of stafford,not my type i hasten to add,what im saying is most of the selling points of so called working staffords,and lets be honest,chasing a rabbit or running fast is not working,is the fact they can drop old dogs from my youth in,a pyscho bred stafford ? a havoc bred stafford ? dublin strain ? these dogs and there traits have been so bred out or watered down versions of there gr gr gr gr gr gr gransire,in all honesty a so called working stafford is a peddlers delight
  7. sunbeam

    sunbeam CH Dog

    jonnim, that is a really sensible post, of course people know what they are going for when going for any show lines, they are popular as pets and make good ones.i also agree talking about old dogs way back in pedigrees is pie in the sky, if the lines were any good then you would be naming the sire , dam etc as the major plus point. a few do exist, i can think of perhaps half a dozen in the last few years that were highly rated (for staffords) and made names for themselves but they wouldf not be easy to get direct offspring from for the majority of people looking for a "working" or "irish" stafford.
  8. nasher

    nasher Big Dog

    That is very true and certainly not my type either but must hasten to add my first one was a show type but more balanced than the overdone show stuff and the amount of shit she caused she was the most fieriest one i owned not dog aggressive just fiery.
  9. jacko

    jacko CH Dog

    i have never owned a show bred dog..but from what i have seen recently more and more kc breeders are against the puggy things and are at least breeding dogs that are truer to type .
    as one honest stafford man told me recently, it"s not all the breeders fault it"s the judges who favour certain types and the rest follow like sheep. baa baa baa...
  10. Yes breeders are non trying to move away from the dumpty look...too short on leg, too barrelled chest, too much weight for hight... but even if they get the dog to look like they did in the 1930, the spirit has been totally bred out of them
  11. all my dogs are kc reg and would put some of these so called leggy staffs or should i say(mutts) to shame in gameness and fitness health and temperament FACT
  12. activeirish

    activeirish Big Dog

    Is the avatar pic on your profile one of your dogs? if so i like it, i don't like short stumpy staffords, I like them athletic and strong, the red dog in my pics is the current dog i have, ive kept staffords 30 years, showed only one bitch in all that time, found then that shows are a click, being placed depends more on how well known you were and not much about how good your dog was, from then on i've kept dogs that please me and cared little if they pleased anyone else, I recently gave service to a black brindle KC reg bitch from the big red dog in my pics, I'm due the pick of the litter in a few weeks, may choose a bitch and run it on to see if it's worth breeding back to my nephews old type black & white dog or just pick a pup and sell it on to someone looking for a stafford as a companion/pet
  13. activeirish

    activeirish Big Dog

    I beg to differ with you, I've a dog right now that looks very much the part, he's muscular yet has enough length of leg that he's definately not stumpy, i've had to put boards at a 90 degree angle at the top of my fence because he's went over into the neighbours twice, i have it on video and the fence is 8 foot high, he's extremely strong and definately has no back water in him.
  14. activeirish

    activeirish Big Dog

    I'd like to give you some advice, if you're going to keep a good stafford, forget the Rottweiler, keep one or the other, but based on my expperience of having staffords for 30 years i'd choose a good stafford over a Rott any day.
    The reason I'm advising you to keep one, is unless you can keep them completely seperate when your not around it could end up that you'll come home someday to a dead Rottweiler.
    They may be raised together and get along fine 99% of the time but now and again dogs with squabble over a dog toy or food or even because a wrestle game got out of control, when it happens most ordinary breeds will snarl and snap at eachother a bit then stop, but a Stafford, pitbull or English Bull Terrier won't normally stop by themselves, they need to be stopped by the owner, if our there you will need to have experience in dealing with one to know how to get him to release, if you don't know how your in trouble, if your not there, = Dead or seriouslly injured Rottweiler.
    I'm sure anyone who has kept staffords or any bullterrier breed and has experienced having to stop one when they get into a fight will agree with me and advise you the same.
  15. Herodog1

    Herodog1 Top Dog

    Hi activeirish,

    Would you put some pics up of your dogs, I would love to see them. I have a red and white kc dog and love the breed...here is a pic of him.

    Please feel free to comment.

  16. A.W.DALY

    A.W.DALY Pup

    Teddy bear staff
  17. wildchild

    wildchild Pup

    LOL!!!! hopefully the zipper dont break and the stuffing falls out.
  18. Herodog1

    Herodog1 Top Dog


    Where's pics of your game dogs?
  19. tommy1985

    tommy1985 Big Dog

    Hero, nice stafford, you'l never please or impress everyone on these forums so best to take some comments with a pinch of salt. If I cud get near a computer I'd upload some of my boy but stuck on my phone at the minute. Needless to say mine prob won't be everyones cup of tea either but he's mine and I'm happy with him.
  20. mikej

    mikej Pup

    good looking staff herodog1.
    as long as your happy with him, dont worry about what others say.

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