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asking for directions

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by hank da bulldawg, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. ok well im a outsider really dont mess with to many people my gran daddy
    was a dog man and he taught me a few things here and there before he passed when i was 15 but im grown now and im starting up a yard of my own im in the cincy oh / lexington ky area is where my yard will be but just looking for some good blood around my parts from some honest dogmen theres a few guys around here i know of but there shady fella's that talk shit bout each other steal dogs hang papers and that sort of thing and i wouldn't piss on these dudes if they were on fire but anyways just looking for some direction feel free to pm or whatever if you have any in put to help my situation thanks looking for pups to if all possible it seems like all the dogmen with yards shut down the advertiseing but i guess with the government tring to take are freedoms from us and kill are hounds i dont blame them thanks again im gonna stop ranting
  2. heavyhemi

    heavyhemi Pup

    Welcome to the site and It just depends on you what your wanna do with your hounds and space is key as well but i my self like chinamen and zebo blood or even some bolio lines
  3. jake99

    jake99 Banned

    Welcome I breed that cottingham chinamen dogs
  4. FrankDublin

    FrankDublin CH Dog

    Welcome hank

    Hey man I like the name
    Did you by chance read hank the cow dog books when you were growing up
    Lol that was my shit
  5. prpitdawg

    prpitdawg Top Dog

    Take my advice please be very careful who knows you have dogs and do this breed some good. Good luck.

  6. You breed that jeep redboy dogs? haha
  7. thanks the name just popped in my head and ya me and my ole lady read them together and i think i was already 18 when we did she loves those books and yes hank and drover are the shit for some curs lol but i will for sure becareful there will be only one person that knos of my yard besides family and its way in the back woods and i have plenty of space:) and ya thats the blood im looking for bolio jeep redboy eli chinaman just some good blood combos i want some good game true bulls and i will do the blood right when i do something i do it to perfection or as near as a unperfect man can do thanks for the warm welcome fellas if anyone runs by this thread and can point a finger i would appreciate it but if not ill bulldawg my way thru no worries :D
  8. prpit i really know what your saying and i heed your warning my friend
  9. Jeep/Redboy

    Jeep/Redboy Big Dog

    What's that supposed to mean? I don't BREED anything. I own a Jeep/Red Boy dog and I think it is a really good mix, hence the username.
  10. ohpitbulls

    ohpitbulls CH Dog

    IMO you can't go wrong with a good ol Jeep/RedBoy hound.
    Plus its a good cross to start with an crosses well with just about anything JMO.
  11. ya i like the jeep/redboy cross aswell nothing wrong with the those hounds i talked to the guy at jeeps corner a few years ago and me and him talked for awhile even was invited to the yard he was gonna give a pup out of a tabs son i do believe could be mistaken on who it was out of but i ended up on the down and out and put hounds to the side for a while till i was good and ready and that time is now :) but seems that sites shut down and i lost the old mans #
  12. Jeep/Redboy

    Jeep/Redboy Big Dog

    Obviously, I agree lol. My JRB male is the best dog I've ever owned. I think alot of lines will produce good bulldogs, but I particularly like the JRB's temperment and ability to mix well with a lot of other lines. He just seems more laid back and intelligent and has that on/off switch that he flips when appropriate. I like that better than those dogs that are just all out all the time. My dog is heavy tab bred and he mixed well with a Red Boy/ Jocko bitch I had, but when I took him back to a daughter from that breeding I wasn't as impressed. To me that shows a little weakness genetically speaking in my male, but it just tells me to stay away from double-breeding him. They weren't bad dogs, just didn't throw as high a percentage of good dogs as the original breeding.
  13. ive known a few jocko cross dogs one was a retarded dumdum in good and badways but i need some hounds that got a little sense but ill have some total retards im sure to gotta love the retards sometimes
  14. heavyhemi

    heavyhemi Pup

    i hope you have good luck finding your preferred line and remember keep it real do good things this breed depends on a select responsible owners
  15. have no worries im not in it for pups or money or anything of that nature i just love pits and im sure with time patience and a little luck everything will come together a fellow member told me about a bluegrass adba club in this spring so im already hoping for good things and my momma lives up in themountains in ga and her ole man is a old timer and im pretty sure he knows a few dogmen but just dont know what there workin with
  16. Jeep/Redboy

    Jeep/Redboy Big Dog

    Yea, my old mentor had a whole yard of Red Boy/ Jocko dogs and they were the dumbest son's of bitches I ever been around. But to be honest, they were some of the gamest dogs I have seen yet. Most of them were shy, but a lot of that had to do with a lack of socialization. One of mine did have a tendency to throw shy pups as well. I'm on the fence as whether it is genetic or if it is picked up in the pup's short time with there mother. I question it because only some would be that way and they all spent the same amount of time with the dam and me. None of his dogs were cold on his yard, but he said that his had a tendency to throw a higher percentage of cold dogs than he liked. But he said he was willing to deal with it because the ones that weren't cold were extremely game hunters.

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