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Are they the same?

Discussion in 'Sports & Activities' started by CooljoeGoodie, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. CooljoeGoodie

    CooljoeGoodie Big Dog

    I'm not able to walk my dog as much as needed,but I want him to be in the best shape of his life.So would bike riding give me the results that I am looking for.I know that some resistance is good but should I concentrate more on that or the distance of each bike ride..Thanks
  2. bullydogs

    bullydogs Top Dog

    I would first consider the age and current physical condition of the dog. Remember, even if the dog is old enough for some serious work. Its best to start out slowly. I would not be too concerned with the distance of bike ride at first. Pay more attention to how your dog is breathing. I have never done any conditioning with a bike myself. However, i have given it some thought. 215pitts works his dog using the bike. He would probably be able to give you some advice regarding the use of a bike.

    Also, if your goal is to truly get your dog into the best shape. You most def. need to concentrate on getting your dogs nutrition and feed right. This is the hard part IMO. This takes a lot of adjusting.
  3. 215pitts

    215pitts Top Dog

    Yes, I do work my dogs by using a bike. I live out in the country side and with my knee having to 2 operations I can't sprint for a very long time therefore I use a bike. But even with the bike I go by my dog's pace. I can't really say if it's the same or not because after we are done using the bike we are walking for a good 2-3 miles and back on the bike again. I like to switch it up :D. As long as you dog is getting some type of wind it's a good work out.

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