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Are presa canarios good dogs

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by David L, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. spaniard

    spaniard Pup

    There great dogs to keep theives away
  2. Grabo86

    Grabo86 Big Dog

    The name is not the only thing they changed. They also changed the standart. Lots of Presas doesnt fit in the new Dogo standart.
  3. Can't be bothered to read what everyone else has written but I have 3 presa's, I have had over 10 this year come and go through my house, amazing sentry guard dogs... Would not trust them with my kids, would not trust them to not turn on a person in the back garden even if they have been find with that person for the first hour or so. They are one man dogs, this is my experience with the breed and the particular dogs I have and seen, independent, nothing like a Pitbull, they do their own thing that's why they make good outside guard dogs. Dog aggressive yes despite a lot of socializing. Pit for me is a better family dog anyday, if you want a protection dog for the family get a good working American bulldog. If you want a dog outside to stop anyone from coming in get a presa.
  4. davidfitness83

    davidfitness83 Top Dog

    You probably have dogs with weak nerves or taught bad manners, the one I fostered never acted tough or unpredictable towards people or other dogs. A presa should never be agressive without a reason. Acting agressive in non threatening scenarios is a sign
    Of insecurity.
  5. Grabo86

    Grabo86 Big Dog

    Yes, absolutely right.
  6. dayair1

    dayair1 Premium Member Premium Member

    Am I reading this correct? You are basing your input on the (1) dog you fostered?
    Pitbull2010, say's he has had 10 just this year. If I read this right, I would say his experience trumps yours.
  7. Has nothing to do with weak nerves, the dogs are human aggressive to anyone who they don't know, they are sentry dogs, its not a mali or GSD you can switch on and off. They want to and they will bite you, you can come into my yard with me and they will not touch you but if I leave you for 5 minutes I can not trust them to not bully you and test your nerves and eventually bite you, this is true with all presa's I have had.
    You must have fostered a watered down version, just like people who foster watered down bulldogs and say they can trust them with other dogs and cats etc..we all know a well bred bulldog will not and cannot tolerate being with any other animals unsupervised and even supervised.
    And yes they are dog aggressive, females and males fight, has nothing to do with manners as I said I can stop them from starting on each other and people when I am there but if I take my eye off them for 5 minutes they will kick off..excellent yard dogs. Maybe you can buy a softer version and maybe that would work in a family situation and possibly can be let loose in the park with no problems but not the type of presas I have seen, cant take them off the leash, they are unpredictable!
  8. David L

    David L Pup

    how would a well bred presa do with a spayed bichon frise and a three year old child?
  9. Tiger12490

    Tiger12490 Big Dog

    LoL weak nerved? No presas are human aggressive as well as dog aggressive lol iv done no working with presas or a lot of dealing with them but I have a buddy who has a nice presa he imported from Spain. The dog is amazing TBO but you better be prepared for them there alot of dog who very commonly like NOTHING outside its family. bird, fur, claws, human it doesn't matter I know at least for that dog he wont tolerate it. He doesn't know you and you come in the gate your not leaving the same. As far as children the Presa he owns is a big lover boy with his family 2 yr old rides around and falls asleep on the dog. But much like a Gamebred dog these dogs from what iv seen should not be trusted with small fury creatures.
  10. dbk

    dbk Banned

    a one man dog , a man i know had one send it back to breed tried to attack his boy....again a one man dog....trouble trouble and it will trouble you...
  11. Copper

    Copper Pup

    Dbk, yes you are so right they are one man perros and kill all and everything that comens between them and that one man!!!

    Dont get one of these dogs if you have a wife or any kids at all wwwwwhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaah!!

    Happy x-mas
  12. doginhold

    doginhold Top Dog

    You know I want act with a Presa I don´t know as if it is my best buddy......

    Usually they are fine with their people and "suspicious" with strangers what means they tolerate you and if they know you they´ll eventually greet you friendly but they don´t want plumb interaction with strangers!

    This is a major trade of many guard dog breeds!

    See the Rottweilers I trained and owned almost acted the same, they are "mildly" friendly to people they know and absolutely amazing within their own family, even lifestock and don´t want anything like being petted or plumb touched by strangers.

    Nothing wrong with that!

    But what I have noticed from the different Presas I´ve seen that they are good with lifestock and dogs they are socialized with!

    In turn quite the opposite as have been mentioned by another poster I do have some problems concerning the American Bulldog.

    I have seen quite a few that are ducker that go two, three steps back and then heading foreward trying to hit you without any provocation at all!

    Not stating that this is the general, as most of them are just dumb as a rock big guys but the few I´ve seen made me wonder.

    In turn if you put some pressure on these mentioned duck and hit guys 90 % of them won´t last and shy away but only if you step up powerfull.

    I don´t know if someone else has noticed this but I have seen it at various ocassions.

    As I mentioned before if you can handle a big dog with capacity and are able to train them properly then you have a dog that is a pleasure to own.

    To me a Presa from a decent breeding program is a very interesting dog but they ask a lot of responsibility and knowledge about molosser dogs.
  13. David L

    David L Pup

  14. Good ambulls although becoming rarer these days are anything but stupid and will not crack under any sort of pressure, they are more handler submissive then presa's and a bitch and dog can live together better then a dominant male and female Presa. Presa are more naturally wary of strangers.
  15. doginhold

    doginhold Top Dog

    Didn´t have the time to check their peds yet, but they are nice looking except a little bit out of shape!

    See judging a working dog only by pictures ain´t possible you have to see him working in real life.

    We have a german dude over here www.alanos.de or www.alano.de

    He´s a follow up to the guys arround Rudolf Sewerin and he´s a bit fishy but still he´s working his dogs.

    Sometimes he´s quite rediculous but does have an awesome page and displays a little what´s going on over here with what I consider average stock............
  16. Presas are great dogs. I have a 14 month/125 LB male. Pics coming....
  17. 17 months old, 132 lbs.

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