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Apple Cider Vinegar Great Stuff!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Health & Nutrition' started by BoiBoi, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. stinkrock

    stinkrock Top Dog

    So that's your secret why you look so good.
  2. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    :lol: Nope, that's why her skin looks so soft and supple. Her mother and father's good genes is why she looks so good.
  3. Beatrix Kiddo

    Beatrix Kiddo Top Dog

    I accredit 85% of aesthetics to genetics and the other 15% to a healthy lifestyle. Wear sunblock and moisturize kids.

    Appreciate the kind words, i need it. I'm about to turn 30 :giggle::bananagirl:
  4. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    I read it can eat the enamel off your teeth but as far as bulldogs and what your doimg with them , prob gone fuck the hardware up anyway .Something humans may want to read up on though as far as human consumption.
  5. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    My GF drinks a cap full if her stomach ulsers start acting up, works immediately to stop the pain and neutralize the acid. Dr told her to do it in a bind if she is without her meds for it but not to make it a general habit... I personally would just not forget to take my meds cuz that shit does not taste pleasant. lol dogs dont seem to mind the taste of it though but then again they dont mind the taste of their assholes either... :lol:
    I use it in their food maybe twice a week if I remember too.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 20, 2015
  6. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    Yes thier ain't nothing wrong with it AGK especially if it will bring you some relief .That shit does have a wang to it.I myself love salt and vinegar potatoe chips ,especially with a cold beer ! Lol
  7. palooka

    palooka Premium Member Premium Member

    i make my own, dogs , chickens and myself all take it daily, personally i like the taste
  8. Feed your dog's garl I c it helps with skeeters
  9. frogs

    frogs Big Dog

    He's absolutely correct. High concentrations of acid of any type can potentially reek havoc on enamel. And if you expect your dog to be around a long time, towards the latter stages of life dental issues can become a real big problem... and not just the $$$. An abscessed tooth just isn't something your gonna take care of yourself for the most part.

    Oral infections are very dangerous as they can lead directly to the blood stream. Old dogs, bulldogs or not, don't take kindly to sepsis, anaesthesia and antibiotics.

    Here's an Easy fix.



    Heah heah stinkrock a balanced ph system makes for a balanced peformer, a beautiful confirmation has nothing to do with it...
    But I do agree she looks so good...

    Treez also nice tips, I know tour dogs didnt look that good on kibble alone...

    Also good tis wicked13 as tobr careful with acv and metal bowls...

    But the olddogs tips are tops, thanks...

    they say that acv and pickeling has so many good benifits,but take it a step further and you get fermentation, which is a subject of interest when you talk about haelth...so many good things come from the process, plus not one case of food posioning has come from saukraut, they say the fermentation is a natural buffer agianst any toxins in the system and help keep the active bacteria in the sytem while flushing the bad...
    so a combination of acv, sarkraut or other fermented products and the active cultures from a yogurt are the balance to a healthy gut...
    An old way of life for many cultures that modern americans have seemed to forget...
    when you get a sandwhich from a true italian delicatessan, the sandwhich is wrapped in a piece of paper with a dill pickle towards the out side, in which they eat first a sit helps the digetsion tracks...germans russians and polish areas eat sauerkraut...japanese eat kimchi and so on...
    Anybody feed sauerkraut to thier dogs???
    maybe we should...


    a man that used to live south of the border told me they used acv to flush a vaginal infection by mixing it with water and inserting it into the vagina for a flush, and fed it to her in her food too fight the infection and prevent it from coming back, so inside out he used ot as they do for fleas, what a one in all thats so readily avalible...
  12. Thanks for sharing this. My wife uses ACV for lots of home remedies. Going to try this out.
  13. Does it really work? I have problems with lice on my dogs and they never leave my dog away! I have to try this one very soon!

    We offer <style type="text/css"><!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--></style> Professional mobile dog grooming in adelaide
  14. frogs

    frogs Big Dog

    You're a dog profesional dog groomer and you don't know how to control lice?


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