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any good line bred staffs on here

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by apollo67, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. Finito

    Finito Big Dog

    Never seen any record on him meeting Watson. Maybe as an amateur ?
  2. blanch

    blanch Big Dog

    you ever had the balls to step in the ring?
    ever fought a man of Benns caliber?
  3. maxwell

    maxwell Pup

    1984 ABA semi-finalist (165 lbs., lost to Russell Barker, very controversial decision)

    The benn fight came about after both there opponents failed to turn up so they made a match for them both Benn was heaver as Russ was only light middle weight , he said after evey punch Benn threw hurt......
  4. mixed-grill

    mixed-grill Big Dog

    Yeah as a youngster but never as a pro..and you?...i would of jumped at the chance to go a round with Benn in the 80's if you would of paid me...i shouldnt of added the 'lol' and it was rsf not Ko...he done well to win over Watson...i seriously used to rate him...once met him(Watson) coming out of the old Lonsdale shop on Beak street...he was a real nice fella
  5. blanch

    blanch Big Dog

    i've boxed since i was young too only as an amateur,i cant compete any more due to injury but still train.

    i wouldnt laugh at anyone who had the balls to go up in weight to fight a young nigel benn,and have a lot of respect for anyone who didn't fight scared/very cautiously,he was a machine.
  6. russ fought at light heavy,i dont no what he weighed against benn. i remember it was 6x3 and he was kod in the 1st min or so.
    like some have already said "you take your hat off to any man who gets in a ring.
    i have some experience myself,(fought aba) (im now an aba coach)also condtioner to 3 pros,1 of them a british title holder.
    theres a lot of similarities between a good boxer and a good dog. theyve both got heart
  7. not a lot of people know that!!
  8. apollo67

    apollo67 Pup

    well said lad it takes bottle just to get in a ring with every body watching, no matter who your fighting, that saying they use on tv for the marines, 99.9% need not apply, it fits well with fighters,
    there are those that do and did and those who pretend but pretenders only go as far as there first fight and then something crops up, oh Dear!!!
  9. Sue passed away around 7yr ago,it was cancer but in what form i dont know!
    Shaun eventually moved to USA where he re married!
  10. @maxwell. yes your right bullit was russ and wasnt bullit that big beast of a staff?
  11. Aarsbaard

    Aarsbaard Pup

    I was browsing through my photos and came across this one.

  12. @apollo.
    your dog apollo which came out of tara x jocko (i am right arnt i ?)
    what made that dog so special to you,this is obviously a personal question so if im been too intrusive forgive me. i heard nothing but great things about apollo.
    but of all the dogs you ever owned why was apollo the closest to your heart?
    we all love our dogs and weve all had that one that was just that little more special to us. so it a question to all of us really.
    is it possible to explain why apollo was that special dog for you? sometimes you cant put love and respect into words but i would like to hear your story if you can put it into words. as ive said apollo was a well known and respected dog.
    ive never met yourself or apollo myselyf but i was talking to my friend the ladf who i mentioned did a lot of work with shaun,this kid was only 16-17 yrs at the time but he was, lets call him shauns labourer shaun took him everywhere put a roof over his head and in general took him under his wing. he remembers apollo and tara he was saying only yesterday what fine dogs they were.
  13. apollo67

    apollo67 Pup

    cheers pal
  14. apollo67

    apollo67 Pup

    nice 1 aarsbaard, thats my old boy, they were'nt his pups, they were; milo x Tara, that litter did'nt turn out that well, 3 of the 4 pups had fits, i think it may have been too tight.
    Cheers for that pal
  15. 12 gauge

    12 gauge CH Dog

    nice and proper looking dog^
  16. apollo67

    apollo67 Pup

    There is not a lot i can say, but Tara and Apollo were active when i was into dogs and anything that was asked of him, well he was always there and propper clever with it, you see if you understand most of the people i knew had pitbulls so we were always in the lions den and then there was that sparpit stuff, omg, there may be odd good ones but what i saw did nothing for me.
    He also produced some good dogs, he had 1 son that comes to mind called Jock, he was a belter, only small, about 18 inch and 30lb, just like a little pitbull and game with it, he produced one of the best i've seen called solo out of jock x bess a little nut case kc bich that had stopped a red irish bitch in a roll.
    It was reported that Solo went 9lb uphill into a cross pit staff and stopped her from underneath in 19:30.
    I had seen the bitch, solo was about 33lb.
    9LB UP HILL.
    I knew APOLLO the best and he ticked all the right boxes, thats why i'm called apollo on this forum.
    All a long time ago now, but i've still got the last of my breeding program, then i'me done.
  17. apollo67

    apollo67 Pup

    Sorry yes Apollo was JOCK X TARA and jock was APOLLO X TINKER who was tripple bred Trap.
    God would i like to get my dog back to a good bitch from that mating.
  18. apollo67

    apollo67 Pup

    Fcuk me, sorry im tired Apollo is Jocko x Tara
  19. sunbeam

    sunbeam CH Dog

    was solo a little brindle dog or am i on the wrong one ?
  20. apollo67

    apollo67 Pup

    yes thats right, he was a bit dodgy around kids, we were given him back from a pet home but u think her kids were abusing him as we all know, young kids can be cruel, but with adults he was fine

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