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any good line bred staffs on here

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by apollo67, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. apollo67

    apollo67 Pup

    was just wondering what lines are about these days as i havent been around since the early 90s, just wondering is there any of my old stuff knocking about, they would names like simons, apollo, tara, tinker, tinker2, della, clamp and other dogs that i bred inc. pauls jock,boss,solo and shaba, also kks stash was of my breeding.
    I only have 1 dog left from my old stuff, his name is STRIDER, he 7 and stunning.
  2. Finito

    Finito Big Dog

    I think you got out at the right time & returned at the wrong time.
    As for the lines of note today,i would not know. Nobody works the staffords in the UK anymore.
    Still people breeding on stuff close up to Beanie & Rickey,who i am sure you knew.
    Cannot say that anyone carried on that breeding programme of yours once you moved on.
    Correct me if i am wrong,but that dog of yours has some decent blood behind him.
    Good luck
  3. darlo

    darlo Banned

    i had a bitch out of tinker2 an jack in 03 (casey) good little bitch bred her to my dog yogi in 06
    my pup socks is a brother an sis mating from that breeding
  4. apollo67

    apollo67 Pup

    i owned and bred tinker2, i was at some point going to bring it back into line as the oflynn stuff and psycho stuff have common ancestry and with my out cross to the red strain, should in theory click well.
    Let me tell you where i am at the moment with my existing dog, he is out of,
    a son of red joe3 over my old della bitch ,red joe3 is a double bred grandson of ch.red joe.
    Della is out of, jocko, a son of lees max, over my old tara bitch, tara is out of ricky a grandson of lees max on his sire and dams side,
    over an un worked pet, but a triple in-bred grand daughter of ch.psycho.
    His mother is out of my old dog, apollo,(a litter brother to della) over micks bitch,dutch, who is out of a son of gr.ch.duke and daughter of psycho over a daughter of the archie dog over ruby the same daughter of psycho.
    Archie is a son or grandson of the squaw bitch, that may be double bred grandson, i don't rightly remember.
    You can see now why i did the oflynn cross, it will on paper be quite an interesting pedigree if your into line breeding.
  5. apollo67

    apollo67 Pup

    beany and ricky, should should on paper produce good stock as they are both coming through psycho and lees max, both producing staffords, as far as staffords go.
  6. apollo67

    apollo67 Pup

    This is my dog Strider, he is lee's max, psycho, gr.ch. duke, squaw, double-bred red joe mix:

  7. Dusty Road

    Dusty Road CH Dog

    Great looking dog, if he had no white, he look very like the old Gr.Ch."Duke" dog.....R
  8. sSp3ct

    sSp3ct Pup

    Fantastic looking dog, looks awesome for 7.
  9. 12 gauge

    12 gauge CH Dog

    beautiful fella and the ped is superb
  10. Lipcurl

    Lipcurl Big Dog

    Partial to the reds with white trim, an old wee bitch of mine a few years back now.

  11. reids skipper

    reids skipper Top Dog

    cracking dog apollo67 ...i always liked the look of tara when i used to go to barkers shows years ago .
  12. apollo67

    apollo67 Pup

    Thats good to here ricky, he's a decent dog with the right temprament.
    excuse my spelling.
  13. apollo67

    apollo67 Pup

    got to be honest, the pics are about 18 months old but he is still pretty much the same, with a bit more grey round his mouth and muzzel.
    ALSO a fantastic dog around kids.
  14. apollo67

    apollo67 Pup

    Thanks pal i probably know you.
    That bitch and her son APOLLO were the best dogs i ever owned or had the pleasure to keep, TARA was a cracking bitch in every way and APOLLO, fuck me, he was in the wrong hands really.
    I'm a dog (male) person myself and still miss him to this day.
  15. apollo67

    apollo67 Pup

    lovely bitch, looks a bit like my dog
  16. ultimathule

    ultimathule Big Dog

    Cracking looking lad and interesting ped;)
  17. Finito

    Finito Big Dog

    Did Apollo & Tara live to an old age & how were the offspring from Apollo x Dutch ?
  18. apollo67

    apollo67 Pup

    Apollo lived till 11 and Tara lived till 12. Only 2 survived from Apollo and Dutch's litter as the lad went through a bad time on cocaine and neglected the pups. The survivors were Maggie and Kate. Unfortunately Kate was stolen the lad who had Maggie got into pitbulls and gave me Maggie back. She is also dead now. What are you into yourself finito, pits, staffs, EBTs?
  19. Finito

    Finito Big Dog

    Good to hear they had a good innings.
    Would Maggie have been a full brindle ?
    Not really into anything,just a little sentimental feeling for the stafford.
    Pit Bull interest is long gone.
    Was anything bred tight on Dollar ?
  20. Finito

    Finito Big Dog

    S,forget about the Maggie question. I am getting her mixed up with a relation.

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