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Another great historical read: The Flynn Strain

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by Lrs, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. Ha,ha,did ya eat them in the trial years?only joking..
    I suppose there's a variation on killing them easy enough tho...I'm not saying staffs can't kill them...but big Boars??..would not the staff need a bit of weight over the said Boar??and could a staff that weighs under what a Boar weighs kill one easy enough??...underground I don't think theres no chance.not that ide no....but it seems very slim indeed.I've heard of Terriers going to ground and killing them.but we all no that's not true!.
    not to mention.if it's been dragged from the ground,(artificial or real)would not the creature be terrified beyond believe??(the do not like daylight).leaving any dog to just rang it round till it pines and dyies??,or until the dog gets the critter over??.......
    sorry for all the questions Dusy Road!...
    The history side of things is great..and I find the history of the old trials and trial dogs very fascinating....
    and since this is all history..maybe you could right a paragraph on them days Dusty???..

  2. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    I can't imagine eating a ground devil..lol
    Somebody say deer though..lol..
    One be any left here ..dogs eat what I would not..
    Soze the killer likes this.
  3. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    If u eat too much if anything..it can kill ya..lol
    Soze the killer likes this.
  4. Lrs

    Lrs Big Dog

    True that’s why I eat what I catch lol also means I’m never going to get fat lol
    Soze the killer likes this.
  5. Ha,ha,ha,huntings great..but if I had to really depend on it to live,I'll be honest I would die.lol..as my catchers are slim..rewarding.but slim...I'm slim to lol.and with the amount of animals what escape,yeah, I'm never gonna get fat either lol
  6. Ha,ha,Ground Devil...great name.
  7. nasher

    nasher Big Dog

    One of williams squat dogs

    Attached Files:

  8. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    The one I have a picture of is Manix.
    mallon, nasher and Soze the killer like this.
  9. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    Have not seen those gazell dogs but send a link I'll try finish d the one I am talking about also.
    Soze the killer likes this.
  10. Lol.I think we're in the wrong thread here.....but no lol.I ain t got a link.(don't no how to send one either)..I don't think the Arabs film it lol.but they probs got iPhones and all sorts of gadgets so I don't see why not?...it would be hard to film as the Gazelle,and the Suluki are beyond fast.and the Hawk gets flown at some distance..
  11. mallon

    mallon Pup

    Here's another one
    nasher and Lrs like this.
  12. nasher

    nasher Big Dog

    That looks a nice bitch and don't look short on the leg is that an o Flynn bred bitch?
  13. mallon

    mallon Pup

    Yes nasher , she's got some leg to her , down from Oflynn buzz x Oflynn Winnie
    nasher likes this.
  14. nasher

    nasher Big Dog

    Very nice and looks a good solid bitch
    mallon likes this.

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