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Agressive amstaff to other dogs !

Discussion in 'Training & Behavior' started by sherif2017, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. Hello to all,
    My pup is now 9 months old 30kg.
    He is very peacefull and kind with people but he cant be in the same place with other dogs.He becomes full agressive and the moment he sees other dogs he forgot orders and the only thing he has in his mind is to fight.
    I am very sad as my friends have peacfull dogs and only place i can go him for a walk is in open fields that no other animals be there...
    From 3-4 months when he was smaller and get him walks,the first time he saw the neighbors huge shepered he starting acting crazy with foams in his mouth to atack!I got him near to the fench and he made worst...
    I tried to bring him near to other dogs but the same shit again and again...
    One week ago he broke the edjucation chain and attacked to a fench of a belgian wolf.Thank GOD was the fench..
    Yesterday i went him to a friends yard with a female apbt.My friend got him from the chain,with huges kisses etc..
    When he put it near (between a fench again) his 4 years female as clever she is,she did nothing just dropped her head to smell mine.Mine in seconds started again beeing agressive and ready for fight.As a result and the female being agressive..
    I really do not know what to do,i have a dog that from an angel with people and family transforms to a devil when sees other dogs..
    His weight now makes him very difficult to control him when see other dogs...
    Is there any chance my dog after growing to be better with other dogs or i have to get over it and leave 1ith the walks alone in open fields???
  2. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    It's very unlikely it will grow up and be accepting of other dogs. If it's acting like that now it most likely will be that way as an adult too. You can try socializing it but it's probably not going to get any better with time or training. But you can always try just keep it controlled.

    Even though they have been bred for show that instict still can be very common in them.

    Best advise I can give is to keep it out of situations that trigger the response i.e being around other dogs. Pretty simple solution to a problem that is unlikely to get better as time goes on, if anything, it'll just get worse as it grows into an adult.

    Most all of us here have to keep our dogs seperated at all times. Of course, most of us have APBTs but it's the natural nature of both breeds. Amstaffs are further away from the gamedogs but they are still very much closely related breeds of dogs so some may be ok with other dogs and others not so much. Seems like you got the latter. Nothing wrong with that but it does take more precaution on your part.
  3. Thanks for your reply,
    that agression with other dogs,do you think can return to people or my kids that grow up with him together?My kid had him from pup in huges etc,feeding him,taking his food from his bowl etc
  4. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    If it can happen then sooner or later it will happen ! If your that worried control the situation at all time.
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  5. wicked13

    wicked13 Top Dog

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  6. GK1

    GK1 Big Dog

    that much reactivity at only 9 months is likely an indicator your dog can never be trusted around others, nor does the dog respect you as the boss. maybe even senses your physical or mental weakness and assumes the role of leader and protector from strange dogs. you need help from a trainer experienced with this type of aggression so at least you can get it under control in public. bottom line you need to teach yourself to assume role as leader, and correct the dog way before he gets to the point of no return. sucks having a dog react like that in public. i had one when i didn't know better. research the "kohler method of dog training" if you don't have access to the correct trainer or club.
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  7. F
  8. Michele

    Michele Premium Member Premium Member

    Your dog is dog aggressive. IF the dog is bred correctly, that trait will not transfer to human aggression. You need to manage it because it can't be "trained out". It's a genetic trait.
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  9. Thanks for your reply,
    My physicaly is 1.90m 95 kg retired athlet and served to army,so few people like me around here know from respect or leadership.The pup works all comands and obey.
    There is no weakness from my side.
    If you read my post carefully,you will see that i am explaining,the pup transforms in a view of another dog.Everything blocked around him and wants to start a fight with no end!
    I grab him(and few people can do this phissicaly in the fight moment)put him in ground tell him to stop.Then he calms for few seconds but when hears the bark from the other dog,he starts the same.
    He knows who is his boss,as he gets the love but he is afraid of me same time
  10. Michele

    Michele Premium Member Premium Member

    I really do not know what to do,i have a dog that from an angel with people and family transforms to a devil when sees other dogs..
    His weight now makes him very difficult to control him when see other dogs...
    Is there any chance my dog after growing to be better with other dogs or i have to get over it and leave 1ith the walks alone in open fields???

    ^^^^^You asked this ^^^^^

    MANAGE the dog aggression and don't set the dog up to fail. The dog is dog aggressive. And please don't keep posting that same reply because on the one hand, you say his weight makes it difficult to control. And your repeated post says there's no weakness from you. I'm going to tell you now, IF your dog does get another dog, I don't care if you are a retired athelete or whatever you are, without the proper tools and knowledge, one dog is going to end up dead.

    Start to manage your dog and do not put him in situations where he's going to go after another dog. If you have multiple dogs in your house, CRATE AND ROTATE and get yourself a breakstick, just in case.
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  11. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    I'd also add:

    don't just get a break stick, get one and learn how to use it as well before you need to use it. You don't want to have to try and figure it out after he already has a hold of something.
  12. Of coarse i am not letting him have instant contact with other dog.
    Akways between a fench.
    I am not risking to get in touch with other dogs...
  13. Michele

    Michele Premium Member Premium Member

    And make sure that fence is high enough because the dog can jump right over it if it's determined enough.
  14. GK1

    GK1 Big Dog

    i’m sure dog is well cared for and you are a capable owner that will not give up on his dog and simply blame the genetics. i remember you from an earlier puppy health related post. i cannot see your dog in person so i can only estimate…but you need to correct the dog before he ever locks his eyes on the other dog, otherwise you’ve lost his attention and he’ll go berserk again and the bad behavior gets reinforced over and over and it gets harder to undo as the dog gets older. it’s difficult to learn to read the dog’s mind at first - but this is what you have to do. if you are interested, pm me and i will direct you to another site where you can ask long time trainers with aggressive breed expertise.
  15. Lrs

    Lrs Big Dog

    This type off advice is dangerous...
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  16. Wow...could you imagine you had a dog what was actully bred to be aggresive???..
    now that would be a scary thought hey?...

    It looks like balls of,and always muzzeld with you and dog living a life of hell..it happens.
    it happens every day.

    You can not change the dog.that part is true..(is this dog board?would you even know if he was?)
    but you can sure stimulate its desiers to some degree.
    hunting would be one way. but thats probably un adviserble in this situation.

    Now pinning the dog down like Ceaser Millan is not gonna work lol..
    i would not advise that with any bull type dog lol.
    so theres no way of curbing this aggresion.
    but you could tier your dog out some.
    walk it for 3 full hours then let it work spring pole for a full hour.and this way you get to lern how to use a breaking stick aswell as your dog getting tierd out some.
    you would get more of a bond if you did this like its the gospel.more bond.more your dog will understand your energy.the more in tune or harmanny you will both be.

    Its a long road im affreid.but its only gonna get worser as he gets older.9 mounths is just the start!
    ha wait till hes two!

    Your dog has not got the genetics to be a pit dog.but this can manifest in all bull type dogs.(thousands of years of battle can not be complety bred out in half of century)
    now if your dog aint got the genetics to be a pit dog then its not gonna have the stanima to do the work pit dogs do.
    what im trying to say is if you walk that big pulling dog for three hours he will be fucked -so will you.but if you keep it up (and this may take years-and i maywell be wrong)and you keep trying and stop stressing about aggression..then you might just end up with a well mannerd dog.

    Its a real chore.

    next dogs gotta be a poodle for you mate.

    All the best.
    and good luck!
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  17. And just for the record.you should already have a breaking stick.
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  18. Michele

    Michele Premium Member Premium Member

    It's not bad behavior. It's a genetic trait. THAT trait can be managed but you can't undo it. The OP needs to also learn to read body language.
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  19. Box Bulldog

    Box Bulldog Premium Member Premium Member

    Just no what you have on the end of your leash. And treat it like so. Avoid situations before it happens.
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  20. GK1

    GK1 Big Dog

    What's to debate still Michele? Dogs will take lead if not led...the fundamental, canine-pack behavior shaped by million+ years of evolution - well before breed specific characteristics like dog aggression, gameness, flock herding, etc. This thread is about communicating leadership from handler to dog; especially to a young and still trainable pup like the op's. Dogs can (and should) accurately read their handler's body language too. I attended an ADBA show a while back. Most dogs were well behaved (some obedience trained), of course kept at a sensible distance from each other in the show ring. I noticed one handler's arms and legs were covered with bite wounds and scratches from his out of control, over the top driven DA dogs. Owner looked embarrassed, and for good reason imo. That was an unfortunate example of untrained dogs leading their human subordinate in order to satisfy themselves.

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