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adding terrier blood

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by pockets, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    They should be as a modern day pest control. I heard something in the news the other day, which has been coming about for years. Cities, towns and other places where people gather to live are begining to become sanctuaries for wildlife. Some animals need to be controlled or thinned out.. The problem is litter , trash and food being thrown out all over the establishments and the critters begining to change their natural diets. This is evolution at its worst in the year 2012.
    People use to keep dogs to help with issues such as this and also to watch and protect their children.. If people continue to go the route they are, hunting will be taking away instead of using the amimals for food or clothing, animals lose their purpose.We need to lok into the conservation and possibly use over populated animals to feed the poor. What can we do besides express our thoughts and feelings on the matter and hope we can all agree to move in different directions.
    This site, being a place for dog owners to communicate worldwide is about our only hope in combatting such problem we have in society today.
    The American Indians use to farm on a large scale and took what they needed and used all that they took. People of this day tend to be more greedy and that is the problem if you ask me.
    There is no strength without unity.
  2. Tigerlines

    Tigerlines Banned

    What were these red nosed terriers you claim as the first to be registered?
    What source are you referencing to claim black tan and white as original bull dog colouration?
    What parlament propaganda are you refering to with the stafford?.
  3. Foundation

    Foundation Big Dog

    CHeck out the book I put the link into .. Follow Flieg and Colby books you'll find the answers to the questions you asked except the first terriers ever registered. I found a photo online looking at the first bull terriers, bulldogs registered because they look like a good portion of the early APBTs well the oldest men sold them as Game Bull Terriers but called them bulldogs. Ever think about that? When asked "thats what they are" .. in that litter that produces Hinks first litter were reported two red dogs, they were also in the show and disappeared.. ( Do you think they were pit stock and came over with the immigrants with their pit dogs? The dogs that stayed were renamed by government and registry politics, no different than the UKC jumping ship in the 70s, other than they kept the name and changed the dog. Im still diggin in archives for that photo. Pit Terrier Pit Bulldog both the same source .. The Hinks dogs were the 2nd wave of propaganda to get everyone who loved the pit bulldog or bull and terrier to adhere to that dog as those others would the pug mix English Bulldog.
    . propaganda from politics of government and registry. when NEITHER are the game bull terrier .. Dog were name for their function and region. I put the online book and mentioned the authors of the experienced and educated men that left us clues and dogs we have today. So you could read them and come to your own conclusion.

    We all can find those Hinks dogs online and you can compare them with the earliest APBTs registered and even see them in SBT who are in the database..
  4. pockets

    pockets Big Dog

    i know they should and are not box dogs was just saying that a game bred pat of 40 or 50 pound would be hell on legs.but soon enough these dogs will be few it always happens to terriers a registery gets there hands on them a standard is made and hunting men but a few will turn there backs on the beed it has happened to nearly every terrier.
  5. redbill

    redbill Big Dog

    pockets a pat 40 or 50 lb would be no longer be a pat would it? no getting away from it some pats are plucky dogs. seems some pat breeders have put stafford or pit into their line but i carnt think of one strong dog breeder that has?
  6. pockets

    pockets Big Dog

    true redbill alot have put staff pit and ebt into there line and to me the dogs are to hard to work below ground.getiing 1 dig a month or less outa them.
  7. redbill

    redbill Big Dog

    i agree.
    i don't think bull blood needs to be added to earth dogs. there's plenty of good hard working terriers without adding anything else
  8. pockets

    pockets Big Dog

    i prefer a firm dog a dog that will mix it up will not be passed by its quarry stands its ground at all costs and does not sit of its quarry within a foot or so is ok.hate trenching lol sometimes its gotta be done.
  9. NGK

    NGK Top Dog

    I love the fact that the APBT has such variety and feel that all breeds should have been bred the same, as an APBT breeder I never have to look outside the breed for any trait whatsoever and would never even consider adding anything to the breed. I like Coop's answer best, find the breeders who do it right and you have no worries.

  10. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    doin it right dont get you fame and fortune....Doin it right you do it that way because its the right way.
  11. Tigerlines

    Tigerlines Banned

    Foundation, the books you listed dont answer any of the questions, im looking for the original source material that shows the original colouration to be tan white and black, and the original terriers to be red nosed, i dont beleive their is any.
    As for registry politics the staffordshire prefix added to the bull terrier predates KC recognition, as does the areas history as the epicentre for both bull baiting and dog fighting in the UK..not propaganda
  12. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    I love it..I got jack russells right now...that will dig and tunnell inder a concrete slab just to get a mouse or frog..
  13. toom

    toom Big Dog

    Anybody breed a good staffypatt?
  14. Foundation

    Foundation Big Dog

    I 2nd that notation...
  15. Foundation

    Foundation Big Dog

    That will be your lil secrect (propaganda is always in play; there is always a political agenda to sway the mind of the masses or "control the mob") ..

    That book I put in there online does mention black and tan, and brindle, others like flieg mention how brindle and black and tan were kept separate as do other out of print authors. That book is quite complex and you have be prepared to soak in a lot your not gonna be able to just scan to see what your looking for.

    Yes it does predate recognition (most don't know that much) and the first time I read that was in a canvas blue book (do not remember the name, it was in a vet office I was killing time) and it mentioned King George II importing a fighting pug and crossing it to a fighting bulldog he had.. they bred it for looks and the outcome is the ENGLISH BULLDOG (which has early pug dna)and he is responsible for renaming the bulldogs and terriers to their areas of providence. That was also on molosser .com back in 2005. The picture I put up there of the original bulldog is none other than the SBT rather the APBT because game was kept true.. Those early white bull terriers of Hinks were just some snipey pit dogs from inbred bulldog breedings. If you read both Colby books, Fleig books, that online book there and look at the early pedigrees, you'll see clearly there has been some sort of propaganda..
    its rests with government rules on the [] and bullfighting in england and here as well. Early propaganda was about during the first days of the Bull Terrier registry and COLBY does mention this and also mentions they were taking snipey bulldogs and breeding them for show. That CLEARLY the game bull terrier was for sale by the colby's in the same time phrame. Which when you look at it is none other than the original bulldog like that pic up there and the traditional APBT.

    Your drawing straws for argument becuase you do not want to go an pay for your information yourself.. Whether or not you believe is moot, get the books read them put the pieces together. The sinical need to pave their on way of education, they just need something to spur them to dig.

    SBT is an amazing dog with DNA stored in it like you have no idea.. Everything you want in your SBT is already there(i think people underestimate their own lil dogs).. JUST know your dog and find it..

    IF dog politics told the truth... we'd still have world class working dogs everywhere not dogs in show that are a reminance of dogs of old.. can't breed for looks .. gotta breed for function.. Everything you asked is in those books, the red nose issue I answered but you seem to read right over that. I'll find it again.. its related to the early Hinks material.
  16. Tigerlines

    Tigerlines Banned

    Foundation you were asked for original source material not compendiums of opinion. Thats grasping at straws.their is no source material that shows tan white and black has ever been a colour pattern in a bull dog .Neither were the original terriers registered red nosed dogs.
  17. gunman2376

    gunman2376 Big Dog

    Im not into doing dog vs dog stuff, I only have beauty show dogs, no special blood, maybe not acording to some but they work and are being tested, they are doing what they are supposed to do at least for me (simple dog owner), i do not need terrier blood nor special blood lines for what i ask my dog's to do, i just put them to work and they are doing what i ask them to do :)

    Ps: if working on hogs is not not valid as working them excuse me and ignore my comment.
  18. 12 gauge

    12 gauge CH Dog

    im not worry about too much grit in my patts, i want them to stay with the game till i dig to them, if stitches need be, so be it, i'd let the others work until this one heals up. i think there's no better working earth dog than a 3/4 patt, 1/4 staff or bulldog, heck i've seen 1/2 jrt 1/2 bt that bitch's one of the finest working terriers i have the pleasure of working with for a while owned by a friend. i'm trying a small bulldog 23 lbs to a small patt bitch, straight cross, this ought to produce some working half and half. heck if they turn out to be a bit big id breed em back to patts to get the size down a bit. every patt, lackie have staff or bulldog added to it at some point, let's not kid ourselves.
  19. eliblood98

    eliblood98 Banned

    i have bred patts and jrt mixs i always keep my patts as pure as i can and dont mix because i think they are the best when they are full but when i breed jrt i always will add some bullterier staford or apt but never 50/50 always 3/4 jrt 1/4 other dogs i mentioned and i even hog hunt with about 2 patterdales 2 jrt mixes and one bulldog but damit those patts and jrt will try to catch the pigs there own self
  20. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    Jack Russell Terriers are nice to have around especially if u got a big agressive hog .If they any good you can let them loose bfore the catch dog and they will create a ton of confusion and then u let the catch dog go.I love to watch them work.

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