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A good dog, training or genetics?

Discussion in 'Sports & Activities' started by Greg1985, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. Greg1985

    Greg1985 Pup

    I have pitbull male, 6 months old, pedigree a lot lonzo dogs.
    Do you think a good dog is born of made?

    He has no prey drive, he not likes running or playing, he likes sleeping and cuddling on t
    couch. He not hold toys, he bites and let's go. Chasing the flirtpole also interested very little. It make me frustration because I wanted a pitbull because their drive and very active dogs but he has been this way since I first got him. I think he not deserve name pitbull, he scary submissive to other dog also dog smaller.
    The breeder told me he would be perfect, dogs of his family always active and high drive.
    I have tried everything; hides, soft toys, putting him on his chain all day and only taking him away for play if not play on the chain again, had friends dog visit and show him what he supposed to do..
    Breeder not give me money back.
    What do you think more patience or sell dog to family as pet?
    Sorry my English not good.
    Hope you give me more information,
  2. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    Yea give him some more time 6 momths is still young..if he dont work out get rid of him and get another.But he may come around for you.I take it you dont know much about the parents?
  3. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    Also just because he wont hold right now playing dont mean he eventually wont do it when he is ready.
  4. Greg1985

    Greg1985 Pup

    So it normal for male to be like this when 6 months old? My friends Staffordshire never had this problems.
    Yes I know about sire and dam and dogs bred the same way, puppy no meeting before buying, puppy shipped to me. I trusted the breeder to send me good puppy for my money.
  5. ursaminor

    ursaminor Premium Member Premium Member

    I wouldnt say its normal some just take more time. I would give it more time.
  6. PurePit19

    PurePit19 CH Dog

    I have experience with the lonzo blood. What i can say is that they are not the type of dogs you can put on a chain and think they will just work when you want them too. They definitely need a bit more attention than other game lines in order to work. Try just spending more quality time with him without playing with anything, maybe that will help. Jmo
  7. TennesseeGame

    TennesseeGame Big Dog

    I agree, spend time with him. However he's just a pup. But as he matures a little more...Work with him. Flirt pole, spring pole, going for walks...everything. Work work work! Nothing worth having comes easy. And man, like I said..he is a puppy. Give him time. Some are just late to bloom. I had a pup that refuse to hold...but when his nuts dropped it's like he got all jacked up on Mountain Dew now I can't get that sucker to chill out. He's not lonzo...but still same scenario. Make whatever you do seem like fun...not work. And do not scold him if he doesn't respond to what your wanting him to do...when he does respond...give him praise. In all reality he wants to make you happy...everything he does is for you...you just got to teach him how to make you happy and get the praise he wants. As a pup...don't work him to hard though. He's still developing. Let him be a pup...make everything seem like a game to him. He will come around.
  8. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    Thier is nothing unormal abouth this pups behavior.He hasnt even come close to maturing some families take longer than others.To the OP give the dam pup a break and quit trying so hard.If you dont like slow starters then you need to look for the early ones.Dont blame a puppy for acting like a puppy.No date set when he will be ready but he will let you know.And true enough some never reach that point but 6 months is way too dam early to be passing judgement.
  9. Greg1985

    Greg1985 Pup

    Wow thnx. Breeder told me not to keep him inside long time, he say I want dog for sports and activity I should not treat him like lapdog. Maybe I should spend more time with him treat him like normal puppy. I feel stupid because not much experience I follow advice of breeder. Breeder keep all dog on chain, puppy outside special puppy kennel live outside all day.
    Thnx all for reply, help me very much!
  10. Roni7635

    Roni7635 Pup

    Thanks for sharing.
  11. MMSmith

    MMSmith Pup

    I don't agree with the breeder's advice. I think the others have given you good advice concerning spending time with him and bonding with him. That's what I did with mine. From a young age I played with my pup all the time, took him everywhere with me, and really just concentrated on building a bond. Now he's a good little worker showing a lot of potential, and easily the most drivey and active pup out of his litter.
  12. In my humble opinion the bond with your hound is the most important thing in a working dog . If that dog loves you , he will work for you . Just saying
  13. -Me-

    -Me- Pup

    Training is 90% of... but training is relation with your dog!
  14. 305APBT

    305APBT Big Dog

    I believe a bond with your dog will help greatly and as others have said, 6 months is still just a pup. Do you play fetch with your dog, tug of war with his/her favorite toys? I make sure my pup thinks that she is winning while playing and give tons of praising. Soon as she looses interest in said toy, time to switch to something else. Give your dog two choices, both which are options you want. Rewards & praising go a long way. Find creative ways to keep your dog interested in what you want him to do.

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