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a few pics of mine

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by leeb, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. leeb

    leeb Pup

  2. leeb

    leeb Pup

  3. zuidwest

    zuidwest Big Dog

    thats a good lookin lad what kind of breedings behin him?
  4. bauer

    bauer Top Dog

    Hes a good looking staff..
  5. leeb

    leeb Pup

    and im afraid i dont now his breeding he is KC reg but cant find papers:confused:
  6. sidonis

    sidonis Pup

    he looks quite a big dog, what is his weight?
  7. leeb

    leeb Pup

    not 100% will weigh him and let you know
  8. Don perryoni

    Don perryoni Big Dog

    Great dog. Iv only just become a member today after a year of reading some great banter I'm using my blackberry which has some great pictures of my dog on it. What's the easiest way of showing them. Thank you. Perry
  9. rikjd

    rikjd Pup

    i use the photobucket app for my phone and just use the link to it on here.

    Great looking dog :)
  10. tamthebam

    tamthebam Big Dog

    Nice looking dog Leeb! By the way, was the Red Bull for a hangover!:)
  11. leeb

    leeb Pup

    lol no i dont drink but drink loads of iredbull got to with 5 kids and 2 dogs to run after ha ha
  12. reids

    reids Big Dog

    Nice dog ad say a battle cross
  13. noble1

    noble1 Pup

    ayy up diezel, these pictures do no justice to this beast, hes an absolute unit!
  14. csotelo9388

    csotelo9388 Big Dog

    nice lookin dog u got
  15. Skipper1

    Skipper1 Banned

    i second that, shame you don't know what breedings are behind him tho
  16. bionic

    bionic Big Dog

    I'd be interested to see the weight on this fella too. Looks like a big bastard!
  17. redneck

    redneck Pup

    is this dog up in scotland? if it is, whats it's name ?
  18. noble1

    noble1 Pup

    the dogs in England mate
  19. blackbisquit

    blackbisquit Banned

    very very nice!!!
  20. Stumpy

    Stumpy Big Dog

    Strong looking dog /thumbs up

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