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A 4 months old puppy afraid

Discussion in 'Training & Behavior' started by Saigon, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. Saigon

    Saigon Pup

    Well, my friend really insisted i will open a thread here because his english is kind've bad.

    Here's what he wants to say:
    I have a 4 and a half months old red nose pitbull it's pure bred and i bought it about 2 months ago, i think she is small for her size plus, she is really really scared of cats and dogs and a lot of other things, and i know some of my friends's pitbulls at the same age were more agressive, chasing cats and biting a lot(like any puppy does for his teeth to change), what can i do?

    pictures of the red nose:
    ÷ééñé 1
  2. Saigon

    Saigon Pup

  3. Padlock

    Padlock Banned

    positive reassurance....and after that more positive reasurance.
    build it's confidence. tell your friend that the dog will feel the vibe of
    discontentment from the owner and it will effect the dogs mindset.
    a dog is only as good as it's owner. be patient and spend lots of
    quality time with the dog. also, if the dog is shy,...try to spend
    the time alone,...go into the woods and toss rocks into the woods
    occasionally and make a "sssketem"! noise when it looks to said noise.
    do this until the dogs becomes alittle more outgoing. good luck.
  4. chessfighter

    chessfighter Big Dog

    Walks and exposure to many different environments have always worked for me.
  5. Saigon

    Saigon Pup

    Thanks everyone, i'm gonna tell that to my friend.
  6. united

    united Banned

    Best thing for a nervous puppy imo is to have a gentle adult dog around so he can learn from it and help calm and reassure him.
  7. TheIII

    TheIII Big Dog

    I just overload about a week after I get them I take them to the inner city take them into stores walk around the mall in the subway. By the end of the day they have seen so much crap I doubt they could be phased by anything. Dogs raised in citys seem to be the most relaxed in any situation.
  8. It's a fear stage, it'll pass. And the dog will go through a couple more before it's mature.

    Don't give in to it. Ignore it. Act with confidence, and the dog will eventually pick up on it. Reassuring the dog for fear will only teach it that fearful behavior is good and that it will be rewarded for it. If he approaches something he fears, give him a treat, or praise him.

    Coddling the dog will leave you with a spoiled fearful dog.

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