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GA: 18 dogs rescued from dog-fighting ring

Discussion in 'Pit Bull News' started by Vicki, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Staff Member

    Posted: Jan 07 2018 10:10AM EST

    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - They were fighting a dog ring, according to DeKalb County Police, but now 18 dogs are safe thanks to officers.

    They were rescued from a home on Cedar Grove Place and were taken to DeKalb County Animal Service, which was already full before the bust, for evaluation.

    Police have arrested two people, but officers are looking for a third.

    Staffers at DeKalb County Animal Services are doing all they can to make 18 dogs feel safe, but the many of the dogs just shake and hide. Police said all 18 have been a part of a dogfighting ring.

    "It's not their fault they've been put through this tremendous abuse," said Karen Hirsch with DeKalb County Animal Service.

    Hirsch said she got a call from animal enforcement about the dogs. And even though the shelter was at capacity, they made room.

    Authorities discovered the dogs on Dec. 29 from a tip. It stated that someone saw the dogs being transported to and from the house. Animal control officers went to check it out, and found the dogs with scars, as well as treadmills, supplements, even a calendar.

    "That indicated weight on dogs, specific weights as wells as some fights that were scheduled. They schedule four to six weeks out," said DeKalb County Police Detective Jason Gagnon.

    Gagnon said they searched the property for graves, but didn't find any.

    "We don't believe the fighting occurred on the property," said Gagnon.

    Police arrested Willie Dasher and Chaketa Williams, both appeared before a magistrate judge on the dogfighting charges.

    Police are looking for a third man named Christopher Austin.

    For Hirsch, she just can't believe what these dogs have been through.

    "We have one that’s hovering under a blanket, they're terrified. Who knows what they've been through," said Hirsch.

    Prior to the incident the shelter already had already had an event scheduled for Saturday in honor of the University of Georgia going to the National Championship. Anyone who wears red can adopt a dog for just $25.

    Dekalb County Animal Services added 4 new photos.
    January 4 at 3:50pm ·

    URGENT: We recently took in 18 dogs that were part of a dog fighting ring in DeKalb County. Since the case is under active investigation, limited information is available from Animal Enforcement, part of the DeKalb Police department. We will be evaluating the dogs while they recover in our care, so they are not available for adoption at this time.

    But individual housing of dogs does put a strain on an already full shelter (over 400 dogs currently), so we are putting a call out for adopters and fosters immediately.

    To foster, please email foster@dekalbanimalservices.com.

    To adopt, please visit LifeLine's Dekalb County Animal Services in Chamblee.



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