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IV Ecosse
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Sep 21, 2014
Oct 21, 2010
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IV Ecosse


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Sep 21, 2014
    1. odinslad
      Alrught stuart how did the photos turn out ? would their be any chance of forwarding them on if you can either to here or my email address odinslad@yahoo.co.uk will give you a phone on wed when i get off IF i get off as the weather is bad out here at present .
    2. odinslad
      marty .
      Met a bloke today out of the blue with a right nice bitch red & white out off jj bulls blood lines we had a good chat for half hour talking about dogs , hes got all his paperwork in place IKC & intrested in mateing his bitch with my dodger in the summer , i will be gettting pick of litter if all gos to plan so will give you first choice in it if intrested as i am going for another bitch in the summer as planned from liverpool , you can come dowm to see both dogs in due course to see the quality of the 2 dogs .
      He is also intrested in going to one of the ed reid dog shows next year so if we could get another intrested party to fill the car then that would be a car going down for the show , have to rush off to football .
    3. bouledogge
      hello mate just saying hello i noticed you popped past on my profile
    4. Vicki
      Hello IV Ecosse,

      Welcome to Pit Bull Forums! :D

      Please read the forum rules and enjoy your stay!
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