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Jun 5, 2010
Jan 27, 2010
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Big Dog

Cassa01 was last seen:
Jun 5, 2010
    1. Boudreaux Kid
      Boudreaux Kid
      hi, rednose means nothing in the pitbull world, its just a look. as far as your pup goes keep it away from the other dogs because what could happen is the older ones might keep annoyed and put a serious hurt on the pup and cause it to lose interest or make it have fear. these dogs are born this way, but must mature in order to tolerate what the might get involved in, biting or getting bit. so in order to prevent the pup from losing itself just keep it away from the others.
    2. Vicki
      Hello Cassa01,

      Welcome to Pit Bull Forums! :D

      Please read the forum rules and enjoy your stay!
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