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New Profile Posts

  1. BkAllDay
    BkAllDay ben brockton
    Death catches us all you parasite. Mocking my terminal illness. You will receive your karma not only in this life but the next
  2. galician
    galician alabama
    hi Alabama!

    How are you?i read your posts about dexa pre show, i also see make this way!
    but later need give dog a broncodilatador phenyleprhine?
  3. Gengar94
    Gengar94 billbulldog
    I caught you with a pokeball yet you are insulting me. Get back in the pokeball and when I get water stone you will become vaporeon.
  4. billbulldog
    Gengar you need to lay off the drugs
  5. Gengar94
    Gengar94 billbulldog
    Suck my dick muhfucka
  6. galician
    galician ben brockton
    hi ben!how are you?
  7. billbulldog
    Just here to learn more
  8. pejay
    Anyone know why I get msg " Game Dog Forum - Error You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action" when opening photos?
  9. Ali shah
    Ali shah Fortis Kennel
    Need some live e books link, particularly looking for the complete gamedog book by ed faron on e book link please anybody can help
    PITS+PATTS odinslad
    Hello mate, been a long time, be good to catch up,gissa shout if you still about please, No Surrender!
  11. Buck ‘em
  12. White Wolf
    White Wolf Caos
    I heard that pro Line kennels closed, is it true?
  13. White Wolf
    White Wolf Caos
    I want to contact Pro line kennels. Can you help me?
  14. White Wolf
    White Wolf Caos
    I need help with contancting Pro line Kennels. I have heard it closed. Is it true??
  15. H.P BAMA
    H.P BAMA popcorn23
    Did you ever find info on carl mims I myself interested in some of those doggys big fan of those.
  16. gitanos
    gitanos slim12
    Hey Slim12,

    Can you tell me why i can't open pictures ? Most of the time i get an error call or something. even photo's i post bij my self i cannot open.

    1. slim12
      My best advice would be to hit up Vickie or AGK. Just getting here and exchanging messages it the upper limit of my computer skillset. LOL
      Apr 7, 2020
      gitanos likes this.
  17. MadMax209
    MadMax209 _DIXIE_
    Hi, do you have any Hammond, Hammonds/Eli bitch for sale?
  18. Hoppin Harley
    Hoppin Harley
    'Rouge Blood Kennel'
  19. Extraterrestrial
    Extraterrestrial stickler
    You aren’t dead are you, buddy?
  20. mccoypitbulls