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New Profile Posts

  1. Extraterrestrial
    Extraterrestrial stickler
    You aren’t dead are you, buddy?
  2. mccoypitbulls
  3. stickler
  4. bulldawgman
    I wish i could get my hands on some saloon blood
  5. Dusty Road
    Dusty Road oldguy
    How is Scotsman's Rambo bred , just someone asked , and I said I might be able to find out ,,and you'd be my only source ,,lol
  6. President Trump
    President Trump Forever-So REAL
    I know you are a snake bitch, deleting your post means nothing. You are marked! You are an anti undercover who has penetrated this forums!
    1. Forever-So REAL
      Forever-So REAL
      where you want to meet me at? no more typing
      Feb 25, 2020
      david63 likes this.
  7. President Trump
    President Trump youngflea59
    We’re gonna win 2020, and we’re gonna win bigly- that I can tell you. Don’t let the fake news media fool you!
  8. Crazy Hulk
    Crazy Hulk buddy-1728
    That was my blood do you still have it around?
  9. Crazy Hulk
    Crazy Hulk buddy-1728
    How did this breed come
  10. 80BOWTIE
  11. DCbd1
    DCbd1 Forever-So REAL
    I do not want dogs for any illegal purposes I am looking to better the breed. I’m looking for a stud or male pup. Preferably a pup.
  12. DCbd1
    DCbd1 Forever-So REAL
    Inquiring about Yellow blood by way of Hardcore Kennels. Can you help me out?
  13. slim12
    Usually a large forfeit will bring one in heat.
  14. Big Chief
    Big Chief slim12
    What’s the quickest way to bring your bitch in heat
    1. slim12
      Put a stupid amount of money for the forfeit.
      Jan 12, 2020
  15. James Wright
    James Wright mdmwilson
    Is there a such thing as a redboy and double rawhide mix
  16. mccoypitbulls
    Still not quite there..?? Says error quite a bit.
  17. PITPAL1
    PITPAL1 bamaman
    Good morning Bama.
    Just wanted to let you know I have enjoyed reading your post and have clicked the follow link as to not miss one of your post. I always like to ask a members blessing before doing this.
    Thanks, and have a good day!
    1. bamaman likes this.
  18. ZeboCloneDNA
    ZeboCloneDNA patjr
    You could evolve eevee into any evolution and slowbro whoop em haha
  19. Amtrak
    Keep scrachin
  20. nolimit
    nolimit AGK
    Are you All Game from Tampa? If not disregard
    1. AGK
      No. I'm American Gamedog Kennels in PA.
      Nov 17, 2019