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New Profile Posts

  1. miked
    miked ragedog10
    If not do you have something off of him for Stud and if so what state do you live in I’m from Louisiana I have referrals if you need them
  2. superflea
    superflea kasperian
    Hey hows it going ? Hows those females bred
  3. corvettedex
    Married to a Beautiful Godly Woman , The love of my life Michelle Hunt...
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  4. Dusty Road
    Dusty Road Mike Lydon
    Pockets from Belfast has some you pups there now,, he is on FaceBook as Lobo Lobo , think they are similar bred to Paddy's Roisin
  5. Dusty Road
    Dusty Road oldguy
    hI is this R-- E-- ? this is Glaswegians owner ,,,
  6. Jake9877
    Jake9877 Michele
    Hey michele you called me a freak earlier. I wanted you to know this does not hurt my feelings at all. A woman like you can not make me feel any stress. I have been called much worse and abused horrifically worse. I welcome your insult against me. Have a nice day
  7. Gamedogs3
    Gamedogs3 oldguy
    What is that orange figure in your photo ??
  8. Jenkins
  9. Jenkins
    Jenkins kiwidogman
    I have bought dogs from terry, jimmy and ed can't find anything tight anymore
  10. Dusty Road
    Dusty Road stedz
    i never did any books , but J Darcy did that Dead Game book , I gave him some help with that
  11. SMD760
    SMD760 slim12
    I just wanted to personally thank you for all of the great stories that you share with us!
  12. Timboteuta1@gmail
    Timboteuta1@gmail thecableguy
    That what it looks like when a bandogge grabbs one of those lil game dogs it's just a game to him kind of like when a apbt grabs a cat I have seen this type of seen play out over 50 times in real life same out come and don't say he a pit cuz he won some guy on here are good at that but if the lil one did good they say he a Banddogge or a bully
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  13. mccoypitbulls
    mccoypitbulls TheStunnah
    Thanks for the support. I will do the same.
  14. old goat
    old goat
    Doing good bgblok68 . Those old bones suck lol . Cannabis pain cream works great .
    1. bgblok68 likes this.
  15. bgblok68
    bgblok68 old goat
    Hey OG how ya been doing? Good I hope. Been awhile since I've been on here. My old aching bones have kind of grounded me here lately so I've had more time to get online. This getting old sh*t is a toss up. I don't know if its good or bad. Keep telling myself its good so I keep leaning forward. Finally got me some grandkids so I gotta hang in there to spoil them.
  16. bgblok68
    bgblok68 mccoypitbulls
    Hey Red what's up? Didn't know if you were still on here or not.
    1. mccoypitbulls
      Yep. Every couple days. Bored in winter. Still no facebook. Could not take the daily dose of bullshit.
      I got over it..
      Trying youtube. Same..everyone else talks shit about others to make selves look better..whatever level they are on..lol
      Feb 13, 2018
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  17. Dusty Road
    Dusty Road mallon
    Hi Neil , you wanted me to PM you ?
  18. Jacob
    Jacob pitbulld0gs
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  19. SMD760
    SMD760 Randy70
    Mr. Fox, this is the young man from California that calls you every now and again. Sorry I have not called in a few months, I will be in touch soon to talk dogs! I hope all is well.
  20. Qb5
    Keep Game-Dogs Alive