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Comments for Candyman (7)

  1. #1 the_flamingo
    Re: Candyman
    Wow look at those eyes!
  2. #2 Rocky H. Balboa
    Re: Candyman
    Yeah, look at those eyes....Superman stand back!
  3. #3 pitbulllvr25
    Re: Candyman
    Looks like he's about to shoot
  4. #4 Game Time
    Re: Candyman
    103 pounds with Kryptonite eyes! He is one big boy.
  5. #5 Game Time
    Re: Candyman
  6. #6 cary-dude
    Re: Candyman
    I love the intense look on her face. You can tell she is ready for the games to begin.
  7. #7 Game Time
    Re: Candyman
    She is a