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  1. "Show" off your dog and win a FREE Stillwater Show Collar!
  2. Congratulations To PerformanceKnls!
  3. online dogshow
  4. Please vote for moms car!! I will be forever in your debt!!
  5. Top10 out of 56,000 ine more round of voting
  6. Pitbull competition in San Leandro California This Sat. Nov. 13th
  7. Please vote for us! Finalist for a Movie by Ron Howard!!!
  8. Contest! Win A Premium Membership!
  9. Congratulations To Our New Premium Members!
  10. 1st APBT National Speciality of EUROPE - 8th of September 2012, POLAND
  11. Please Vote For Stunnah =D
  12. 6/14 to 6/17: VOTE 4 GASTON!
  13. Bulldog Brand giveaway
  14. conformation and weightpull 2013
  15. County Carlow event 23rd June